Celebrate Oktoberfest in Style: Introducing an Incredible German Grill

Pertromax Atago Grill

Can’t make it to Munich, Germany, for Oktoberfest? (This year, it’s celebrated from September 16 to October 3.) No worries. Capture the spirit of this centuries-old festival in your own back yard with plenty of beer, enthusiastic oom-pah-pahs, and Bavarian-inspired foods like sausages, brats, sauerkraut, soft pretzels, pork schnitzel, German-style potato salad, sauerbraten, potato pancakes, and apple strudel.

To create a dish worthy of Oktoberfest, I am cooking this week on a unique, multi-functional grill from Germany. Petromax is a company known for its cast iron Dutch ovens and its contribution to self-sufficient adventures in nature, aka, camping. Since 1910, Petromax has been passionate about bringing quality items for outdoor living, outdoor cooking, bushcraft, and lighting to the world. The Petromax product range combines tradition with innovation and is characterized by the highest possible level of quality, durability, and German detailing.

The Petromax Atago Grill

Petromax recently sent me their highly-regarded Atago grill. The portable Atago can be used as a traditional barbecue, a stove, a fire pit, and an oven by adding the convection dome. The addition of the convection dome allows you to cook a pizza. The three-piece set includes the Atago grill, the convection dome, and a transport case. The double-walled, double-cylinder construction prevents the Atago from heating up underneath and the campfire burns almost smoke-free.

Petromax Atago Grill

The convection dome is foldable and made of heat-resistant material. The transport case is rugged and made tear-resistant ripstop. The Atago is perfect for tailgating, camping or when space is limited due to its compact size. The Atago opens in a second by lifting up on the handle. It closes just as fast by pushing down on the leg level; it collapses down and is ready for the transport bag.

Petromax Atago Grill Bag

The Atago is stainless-steel and uses the chimney effect for quick ignition. No chimney starter is necessary. You can regulate the air supply to manage the temperature of the Atago depending on what you are cooking.

The versatility of the Petromax Atago is extraordinary. It can be used in combination with a Dutch oven or a wok. Depending on the size of the Dutch oven, it can be placed directly on the coals. Petromax also makes a griddle insert (Spanish plancha) for the Atago. The stainless steel surround ensures that your cookware gets optimal heat, ensuring that every dish, whether it’s a saucy currywurst or a pan-fried schnitzel, is cooked to perfection.

You can even make your morning coffee or tea on the Atago with the Perkomax percolator. It’s a necessity for “glamping!”

Oktoberfest Brats

In honor of Oktoberfest, I decided to cook beer-braised brats with sauteed onions and peppers on the Atago. I started by lighting a charcoal starter in a mound of lump charcoal. Due to the airflow of the Atago, the charcoal was ready to go in no time. I spread the coals out in an even layer and placed the grate on top.

Oktoberfest Brats

Next, I placed a cast-iron pan on the grill grate and sauteed the onions and peppers. I then added some German beer to the onions and peppers and once the beer was warmed, I removed the cast-iron pan. I grilled the brats until browned and crispy on the outside. Even with the dripping fat from the brats, there was minimal smoke due to the design of the Atago.

Brats on the Grill - Petromax Atago grill

I returned the cast-iron pan to the grill with the onions, peppers, and a beer, and added the brats. I let the brats continue to cook until the beer reduced.

I served the brats two ways: On a grilled brioche hotdog bun, I spread my homemade beer mustard, then added the onions and peppers, and topped it all with the brat. The second preparation was a salute to the soft pretzel. I spread more of the beer mustard on the top and bottom of a grilled pretzel bun. I then added sauerkraut and a brat I had sliced in half.

The brats still had a snap when I took a bite, despite braising in the beer. The sauteed onions and peppers complemented the flavor of the brat. I enjoyed the spice of the mustard and how it contrasted the sweetness of the onions and peppers. The brioche bun was the perfect vehicle for the brat, but the pretzel bun was a tasty surprise. The pretzel bun was grilled on the outside and soft on the inside like a soft pretzel. The mustard paired well with the crunchy sauerkraut. The sauerkraut added texture to each bite of brat and pretzel bun.

Oktoberfest Brats

Whether you are tailgating or camping, the Petromax Atago Grill will be your new go-to for cooking due to its versatility. It is easy to transport, easy to set-up, easy to clean, easy to cook on, and can then be used for a campfire at the end of the day.

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