Luscious Chopped Pork Using the Horl 2 Knife Sharpening System

Pork Sandwich

The HORL 2 sharpener has been a game changer in my kitchen. I love how easy it is to use and how it has revitalized knives I stopped using since I could not get them sharp again with other sharpeners. In my previous blogs, I introduced Planet Barbecue to the importance of a sharp knife, as well as the design, craftmanship, and performance of the HORL 2 system.

A sharp knife is safer, allows you to work more efficiently, is easier to use, and is better for you when working in the kitchen.

The HORL 2 system not only looks cool but is made with premium materials to ensure the best results when sharpening your knives. The HORL 2 system undergoes 30 quality inspections prior to being shipped to customers.

Horl Knife Sharpener

The precision of the sharpening angle of the blade to the to the sharpener’s surface is what makes the HORl 2 system outstanding. A stable sharpening angle ensures that the entire length of the blade is uniformly sharpened, leading to a knife that not only cuts efficiently, but also lasts longer. Inconsistent angles can lead to dings in the blade and uneven wear and tear, reducing the lifespan of your favorite (and perhaps expensive!) knives.

The HORL2 isn’t just a one-size-fits-all tool. It is designed to accommodate the diversity of knives, from robust outdoor knives to delicate sushi knives. With interchangeable grinding discs and a Magnetic Angle Support, it offers a 15° angle for that razor-sharp edge and a 20° angle for a more durable blade, ensuring every knife gets the treatment it needs and deserves.

HORL 2 Sharpener set

At its core, the HORL2 combines diamond and ceramic discs to cater to knives of any hardness. The diamond grinding disc meticulously sharpens the blade, while the ceramic honing disc refines and “trues” it. With the added benefit of the Magnetic Angle Support (included), your knife is held securely, ensuring a consistent and even sharpening process.

The HORL 2 system comes out of the box and is ready to use, but if you have questions about the system, be sure to check out HORL’s online videos.

HORL 2 system on a Cleaver

I even discovered the HORL 2 system can be used on a cleaver. Cleavers are often used to chop or forcefully cut bones. That abuse can dull the blade of the cleaver. I recently used the HORL 2 system to sharpen an old cleaver I wanted to use to make a chopped pork sandwich. Not that pulling pork is difficult when cooked to the right temperature, but I discovered the chopped version is quicker, easier, and I enjoyed how the larger pieces are more juicy than shredded pork.

HORL 2 with a Cleaver

The one modification I had to make to the HORL 2 system was placing my cutting board on a book, so the honing wheel matched the height of the cleaver. I was able to maintain the sharpening angle which is important for consistent results across the entire blade.

Chopped Pork Sandwich

Once the cleaver was sharp, I used it to score the top of the pork butt, which helps to release some of the fat. Next, I generously seasoned the pork butt with Steven’s Carolina Pit Powder rub. I let the pork sit out, so I did not place a cold piece of meat on the grill. If you have never made pork shoulder, check out Steven’s recipe in his book Project Fire.

Score the Pork

Now, for the twist. I used my gas grill to cook the pork butt. To generate wood smoke I loaded up two of Steven’s smoking pucks with hickory chips. Once the grill reached a temperature of 250 degrees and there was smoke drifting from the pucks, I placed the pork butt on the grill.

Pork Roast on the Grill - HORL 2 System

I created a vinegar-based mop sauce to baste the pork as it smoked. While the pork smoked, I made a carrot, red cabbage, and mustard barbecue sauce slaw to top the chopped pork sandwiches. Then, I prepared a warm potato salad to pair with the sandwiches. Check out Steven’s recipe in How to Grill Vegetables for his warm German style potato salad.

The pork smoked for six and half hours. I knew the pork was cooked to the right temperature since the bone pulled out clean. I used the sharpened cleaver to carve the pork into slices and then chop it into chunks. I used the cleaver to scoop the chunks of pork onto the buns. The pork was topped with the slaw and finished with a mustard-based barbecue sauce. The buns were sliced in half and ready to serve and eat.

Chopped Pork

I enjoyed how the chunks of pork remained juicy compared to how pulled pork can dry out. The pork was flavorful due to the rub and the smoke. The slaw provided freshness and balanced the richness of the pork. The warm potato salad was the perfect pairing for the chopped pork sandwich.

The HORL 2 system is ideal for my home, the test kitchen, and your kitchen. It is easy to use, it sharpens knives quickly, and keeps knives sharp longer due to the consistent sharpening edge.

Pork Sandwich

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