Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye with Schwank Grill

Kobe Ribeye

Have you ever wondered how they get the perfect sear on your steak at a steakhouse restaurant? It is the high heat that creates the perfect sear that we all crave. If you are looking to create the ultimate steakhouse experience at home, I have just the steak and the grill for you. In previous blogs, I introduced Planet Barbecue to the large variety of premium steaks from the Holy Grail Steak company. Today, I want to introduce you to the Schwank Grill.

The Schwank Grill

Wagyu Ribeye

To create the perfect steakhouse experience, you need to start with a great steak. Select a steak from Holy Grail Steak’s Wagyu Tour Pack and you’re on your way. I recently received their Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye. It is one of the four 16-ounce steaks in the pack.

The Wagyu Tour Pack consists of one Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye, one Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Strip Steak, one Takamori Japanese A5 Drunken Wagyu Ribeye, and one Takamori Japanese A5 Drunken Strip Steak.

Kobe ribeye is the mount Fuji of Japanese Wagyu beef. The Kobe ribeye weighs is intensely marbled so it melts in your mouth. Kobe beef is rare and is limited to 100 head of cattle exported each year. Kobe beef is A4 to A5 (top grades) only and comes from the top cattle of Hyogo Prefecture. The cattle are humanely raised and harvested with no added hormones or antibiotics.

Wagyu Ribeye

The Schwank grill

In addition to the Kobe A5 Wagyu ribeye, Holy Grail Steak sent me their new Schwank portable infrared grill. The Schwank grill is fueled with propane and can reach 1500 degrees Fahrenheit to create the ultimate sear on your steak. The intense heat produces a golden and crispy exterior without overcooking your steak. Most steaks can be cooked in less than three minutes, so no waiting to enjoy your steak. Most gas grills only reach 600 degrees.

Here is how it all came together. I set up the Schwank grill; it heated up in minutes. While the grill heated up, I seasoned the steak with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper.

The Schwank grill has two settings, on and off. You raise or lower the grate to control the heat. Once the grill is hot, move the grate to bottom level and then slide out the grate and place your steak over the logo. The logo is in-line with the burners. Push the grate back in and move the grate up to position your steak about an inch from the burner. The heat at the top setting is about 1500 degrees, the middle setting is about 900 degrees, and the bottom setting is about 500 degrees. There are seven setting total.

Wagyu ribeye in Shwank grill

Once your steak is positioned under the infrared burner, it will cook in minutes. I positioned the Kode A5 Wagyu steak an inch from the burner at setting number five. The steak cooked for 45 seconds. I then lowered the grate to the bottom level, slid the grate out, flipped the steak and returned the grate to level five and cooked for another 45 seconds. The Kobe A5 Wagyu was only three-fourth of an inch thick, so it cooked quickly. If you have a thicker steak, sear on each side for 90 seconds on each side and then let it finish cooking at a lower level until your desired internal temperature is reached.

Ribeye grilling

Here is one additional step I took to boost the flavor of the steak: Once the steak started to cook, I placed a few pats of butter, a few smashed garlic cloves, and some fresh thyme in the drip pan. The butter melted while the steak cooked and created a compound butter. As the fat renders from the steak, it will fall into the drip pan. Once your steak is done, give it a quick dunk into the butter sauce that is perfumed with fresh thyme, garlic, and flavored with the steak drippings.



I let the steak rest for 5 minutes on a wire rack over a sheet pan.

I sliced the steak into 1/2 inch strips to serve. This might be the tenderest steak I have ever eaten. The Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu ribeye was succulent and flavorful due to the marbling. The butter mixture in the drip pan added one final boost of flavor and freshness to the steak. The high heat of the Schwank grill created the perfect sear. I could see the Maillard reaction taking place under the infrared burners and the steak turning golden brown.

The Kobe A5 Wagyu Steak and the Schwank grill from Holy Grail Steak will allow you to create the ultimate steakhouse experience.

Kobe Japanese A5 Wagyu Ribeye Recipe

Kobe Ribeye

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