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Steven Raichlen Project Smoke Barbecue Sauces Are Back to Sizzle Your Grilling Game!

They’re baaaaack!

Re-introducing Steven’s most electrifying barbecue sauces in three unforgettable flavors—Lemon Brown Sugar, Smoky Mustard, and Spicy Apple. Each one can transform ordinary grilled meats, seafood, and vegetables into barbecue of the highest distinction. Whether bought individually or as a set, these sauces—incarnations of some of Steven’s favorite BBQ sauce recipes—will easily take your grilled foods to the next level. (And just in time for the holidays and bowl games, too! They make great gifts for the grilling enthusiasts on your list.)

One thing’s for sure: Never has interest been keener in great barbecue sauces. And no country on the planet has done more for barbecue sauces than North America. Which is why Steven translated three of his favorite and most versatile flavor profiles into sauces you’ll always want in your pantry.

Steven Raichlen Project Smoke Barbecuse Sauce

Steven Raichlen Barbecue Sauces

Project Smoke Lemon Brown Sugar: This sauce is da bomb! With just the right balance between sweet and sour, this complex concoction enhances nearly everything it touches. Brush it on grilled salmon; pork chops or steaks, pork ribs, loin or tenderloin; chicken wings (or any other cut of poultry); lamb; or cauliflower or brussels sprouts a few minutes before removing the food from the grill. (Always brush the sauce on toward the end of the grilling time to ensure the sugars in this delectable sauce don’t scorch. Or, you can serve it on the side.)

Project Smoke Lemon Brown Sugar

Project Smoke Spicy Apple: Fruit makes magnificent contributions to the traditional combination of ketchup, sugar, and vinegar that define traditional barbecue sauces. Featuring apples and warm spices, this sauce has an appealing New England vibe. It’s sweet, but not too sweet. Sensational on any pork product, from ribs to burgers; chicken; squash; cabbage; and so much more. You’ll want to dip a spoon into it.

Project Smoke Spicy Apple

Project Smoke Smoky Mustard: Try this once, and you may not want to eat pork ever again without it. Inspired by the barbecue favored by South Carolina and its German settlers, this sauce is one of the regional greats. Again, it’s fantastic with pork, but plays well with nearly every protein. (it might replace ketchup or mustard on your favorite burger.) Vegetables, too.

Project Smoke Smoky Mustard - Steven Raichlen BBQ Sauces

Here’s a recipe to get you salivating started.

Kansas City Baby Back Ribs with Lemon Brown Sugar Barbecue Sauce

Baby Back Ribs - Steven Raichlen BBQ Sauces

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