BBQ 500 Club

The Barbecue Bible 500 Club Bronze Hall of Fame

The Barbecue 500 Club Bronze Hall of Fame

There are many ways to enjoy the fabulous recipes of Steven Raichlen. When we dusted off our Barbecue Bible during covid, after sitting for 15 years on the shelf, we were curious to try a few. Never did we imagine we would end up doing them all!

But every one we tried was so interesting, different and delicious, rather than repeating a recipe, we decided early on to keep trying new ones. And every time we have said “that’s fantastic…I’m sure glad we didn’t miss that one!” it validated our entire Steven Raichlen strategy.

And so, the 500 Club! The Certified Bronze members you see here in the Hall of Fame, feel as we do. They want to try them all! But Steven would want you to enjoy his recipes whichever way you like. If you find just 10 that you really love and want to do over and over again, by all means, do that!

But if you think you belong with our Hall of Famers, we enthusiastically encourage you to join us on the BBQ Trail to 500! Because if you do, you will experience an incredible variety of exciting, exotic food you never knew even existed.

We guarantee it.

Robbie & Aly


The Barbecue Bible 500 Club Bronze Hall of Fame

  1. Frank & Kelley DeTuro
  2. Sam & Charlene Swanlund
  3. David & Beth Cadugan
  4. Bryan Praetorian
  5. Chris Ryherd
  6. Bernie Pass
Frank & Kelly DeTuroFrank & Kelly DeTuro, huge SR fans from Florida, and proud holders of a Certified Bronze Certificate


Barbecue Bible 500 Club - Sam and Charlene SwanlundSam and Charlene Swanlund, huge SR fans from Minnesota and future Swanlund Hall of Famers!


David & Beth Cadugan David & Beth Cadugan with their extensive library, and one of their magnificent SR recipe creations


Bryan PraetorianBryan Praetorian, grilling up some incredible brisket—Certified Bronze!


Chris RyherdChris Ryherd, a 20-year SR fan, with his well-earned Bronze Certificate


Bernie Pass Bernie Pass and his wife enjoying some lake time, and his magnificent collection of barbecue hardware

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