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Build it and They Will Come: Bacon Weaves

Bacon sausage fattie

Our most recent blog was dedicated to foods wrapped in bacon. So far, it has been viewed by thousands, reminding us of the uninterrupted popularity for more than a decade of cured pork belly.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to revisit one of bacon’s most popular personas, the bacon weave. Bacon blankets not only add flavor, but they help keep grilled and barbecued meats moist—especially during low and slow smoke sessions. Use them to encase meatloaf, lean roasts like pork loin or brisket, or drape them over whole chickens, turkeys, or pheasant. Smaller ones (cut to size) make elegant BLTs, taco shells, or toppings for burgers.

Tulsa Torpedo (Bacon Weave Sausage Roll)

Though weaves look complicated, they’re not. Follow our simple instructions below, and you’ll be a pro in no time. We’ve also included 12 tips for better weaves.