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Fire Meets Water in January at the Barbecue Bible 500 Club

Catalan Grilled Shrimp Kebabs

One of the things that makes dining such a source of great enjoyment is variety. There is an enormous variety of food on earth and countless ways to prepare it. The cuisines of the world reflect the virtually limitless possibilities!

Barbecue enthusiasts tend to focus on meats, and with good reason. What’s more inviting and mouthwatering than a beautiful cut of beef on a grill?

But Steven has also sourced the most exciting and delicious seafood recipes the world has to offer. It’s that variety that makes his recipes not just another dinner, but a fascinating exploration of global cuisine.

In January, the 500 Club brought a few of them into the boat for our members!

Week #17 Shrimp on the Barbie #2 – Planet Barbecue

Shrimp on the Barbie

“Australia doesn have a single national grilled specialty in the way that jerk epitomizes Jamaican barbecue or yakitori says Japan. But one Ozzie familiar to grillers the world over is the iconic shrimp on the barbie. Here’s how you might make it if your ancestors came from southern France or northern Italy. The sweet licorice flavor from the Pernod and basil counterpoints the smoky saltiness of the grilled shrimp and prosciutto. Nice!”

Week #18 Grill Basket Halibut with Maple Teriyaki – Project Fire

Grill Basket Halibut with Maple Teriyaki

“Here’s a New England riff on a Japanese favorite: teriyaki sweetened with maple syrup. You might think that the fish will stick to the grill grate. It won`t. You might think that the sugar in the maple syrup will burn. It will – but just enough to impar a sweet-smokey caramel crust to the fish. Teriyaki comes from the Japanese words teri, meaning “luster” or “shine” and yaki, meaning “grilled“. Rarely do four simple ingredients deliver such a big dividend of flavor.”

Week #19 Grilled Fish Gurney Drive – The Barbecue Bible

Grilled Fish Gurney Drive

“Charcoal Grill Seafood is one of the many open-air cook stalls lining scenic bay-front Gurney Drive in Penang, Malaysia. One of many, but certainly now average. There, nothing is served that isn’t at its freshest. I ordered something called ikan tumone, a small fish that looks like a tiny mackerel. My waitress cleaned it on the spot and handed it to a grill man, who stuffed it with a fragrant past of lemongrass, shallots, and chiles. He fanned the coconut-shell charcoal fire until it glowed red and basted the fish with coconut milk. What came off the grill had to be one of the tastiest fish I´ve had anywhere, East or West.”

Week #20 Honey Sesame Shrimp “On the Barbie” – The Barbecue Bible

Shrimp on sugarcane skewers

“Shrimp “on the barbie,” aka grill, is Australia’s most famous culinary export. Even if you know nothing else about Down Under cooking, you’re surely aware of how much Australians love grilling-especially seafood. If the truth be told, shrimp is something of a misnomer, as most Australians would say “prawns.” The Chinese roots of this dish are obvious-a legacy of the huge influx of Asian immigrants to Australia in the 1970s and 80s. I love the way the sweetness of the honey and five-spic powder play off the nuttiness of the sesame seeds and sesame oil and the brininess of the shrimp and soy sauce.”

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