Kick Off Summer Right with 8 Grilling Recipes for June


June is a great month to get your grilling traction. Warmer weather means fresh fruits, herbs, and vegetables will begin appearing in grocery stores and farmer’s markets, grilled meats scent the air, and Americans celebrate Father’s Day (June 16 this year). The first day of summer (Thursday, June 20) also gives you reason to host a Solstice party. See some favorite recipes below!

8 Grilling Recipes for June

1. Mezcalini

Cross a Margarita with a Mojito and you get a Mezcalini. Add smoke and you achieve nirvana, not to mention notoriety—especially if you brandish the handheld smoker in front of your guests.

Mezcalini - Grilling Recipes for June

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2. Carne Asado Breakfast Taco

The breakfast taco is a San Antonio institution. The tortilla is flour. The beans refried. But whether you fill it with smoky brisket or pork poached in lard depending on your background or neighborhood. Today, I’m going the steak and egg route–the steak being Tex Mex grilled skirt steak. Now that’s a breakfast that will keep you going all day.

Carne Asado Breakfast Tacos

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3. East West Shrimp Cocktail

This snappy shrimp straddles the Pacific, featuring ingredients from Asia as well as Mexico. Make plenty, as your guests will love these shrimp. Serve with Mezcalini cocktails (see recipe above) or Margaritas.

East-West Shrimp Cocktail - Grilling Recipes for June

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4. Grilled Wedge Salad with Smoky Ranch Dressing

Iceberg lettuce was one of the first lettuces sturdy enough to be shipped cross-country. For decades this combination of lettuce wedges, cherry tomatoes, bacon crumbles, and blue cheese dressing are common steakhouse staples. Don’t like blue cheese? Homemade ranch makes a good substitute.

grilled wedge salad

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5. Raichlen’s Summer Salmon with a Bunch of Basil

Grilled salmon is a summer tradition at our house, especially after we’ve been to our local farmers’ market in Edgartown, on Martha’s Vineyard. We buy bunches—no, veritable bouquets—of fragrant, fresh summer basil. Think of the marinade here as pesto without the pine nuts and cheese. Long on flavor, short on preparation time, a vivid study in emerald green and salmon pink, this is a perfect fish dish for when basil is in season.

SALMON WITH BASIL - Grilling Recipes for June

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6. Cherry-Smoked Strip Steak with Cutting Board Sauce

A cutting board sauce is a radical, brand new, deconstructed way to sauce a steak. The concept was invented by chef named Adam Perry Lang. The chopped ingredients for the sauce are placed on a cutting board and the hot steak is carved right on top. The meat juices are mixed with the herbs and olive oil to create a sauce right on the cutting board.

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7. Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Peppers, Ham, and Boursin Cheese

Pamplona is the name Argentineans and Uruguayans give to a cylindrical roast stuffed with bell peppers, ham, and cheese. This version starts with what may be the best luxury cut for the money: pork tenderloin. I stuff it with fire-roasted bell peppers, smoked ham, and creamy Boursin cheese. Then I smoke-roast it with hickory chunks to add an irresistible smoke flavor. Did I mention bacon? Lots of bacon? The latter looks great, adds flavor, and helps keep the lean pork moist during smoking.

Pamplona of pork - Grilling Recipes for June

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8. Smoky Bourbon Peach Cobbler

(From Russ Faulk, chief designer at Kalamazoo Gourrmet): My father is from Georgia, so it was only natural that one of his signature dishes when I was growing up was peach cobbler. It was one of my favorite summertime treats, and my adaptation of his recipe is super-easy to make. The flavor has been ratcheted up with a little bourbon, a hint of maple syrup and a whole lot of pecan wood smoke.

Smoky Bourbon Peach Cobbler

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