Make Sizzling Shrimp Bowls with Oscarware Grill Toppers

Oscarware Grill Topper and Grilled Shrimp Bowl

In the Barbecue Bible test kitchen, I get to experiment with grills, fuels, knives, sauces, rubs, and a variety of grill accessories. The latest accessory I had the chance to cook with was the porcelain perforated grill topper from Oscarware.

Today, I want to introduce Planet Barbecue to Oscareware Grill Toppers. They have been making outdoor cooking accessories since 1989. They offer a range of grill toppers that include their porcelain-coated, disposable, and round grill toppers. The porcelain grill topper was the original and is still one of Oscarware’s most popular products.

Oscarware Grill Toppers

Oscarware Grill Toppers

All Oscarware Grill Toppers are 100 percent recyclable and made in Bonnieville, Kentucky. The grill toppers allow the grilling enthusiast to cook foods that might present a challenge on the grill grate, especially foods that are likely to fall through the grates. (There are only so many sacrifices you’re willing to make to the grill gods!) They are ideal for pizza, fish, seafood, and vegetables.

The porcelain coating does not react to tomato, vinegar and citrus-based sauces, making it safer than other coatings. The topper is constructed with high quality and safe materials.

The Oscarware Grill Topper was perfect for a dish my wife and I enjoy. We call it grilled shrimp bowls. It is just grilled shrimp, veggies, avocado, and rice. We mix up the veggies based on what is at the store or fresh from our garden.

Since I used food that was fresh and already at room temperature, I placed the grill topper on the grill while it heated up, so they came to temperature together. Putting chilled or frozen food on a hot grill topper is never a good idea. I heated my gas grill to high heat.

I started by making cilantro rice. Next, I made a marinade for the shrimp that consisted of the zest and juice of one lime, sea salt, freshly cracked black pepper, chili-margarita spice, and extra virgin olive oil. I let the shrimp marinate for ten minutes while I prepped all the veggies. For this shrimp bowl, I used fresh asparagus, red onion, cherry tomatoes, and diced avocado.

I lightly oiled the Oscarware grill topper before adding my food. The asparagus spears were grilled first, then the onion slices and cherry tomatoes. The grill topper allowed me to grill the asparagus without any of them falling through the grill grates. I did not have to skewer the onion slices or the tomatoes due to the perforated grill topper.

Once the veggies were cooked, I grilled the shrimp. The porcelain and perforated design of the grill topper created a nice sear on the shrimp. I did not have to skewer the shrimp and they did not fall through the grill grates.

This dish came together by topping the cilantro rice with sliced red onion, asparagus, blistered tomatoes, diced avocado, and grilled shrimp. We make this dish year-round, but is a light and fresh meal perfect for a summer night.

The design of the grill topper allowed me to sear the shrimp on the outside while the inside remained succulent, and evenly grill all the veggies without losing any through the grill grates.

Grilled Shrimp Bowl

The spice of the shrimp, crisp asparagus, creamy avocado, the bite of the onion, and the juicy tomato make for a tasty bite. Feel free to put all the ingredients in a wrap instead of a bowl. Thanks to Oscarware for sending me their versatile grill topper.


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