Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Tiki Beef Kebabs

The tiki is making a comeback, and modern American bartenders are rediscovering the colorful Polynesian drinks that once beguiled my parents. They were customarily served with cocktail snacks. I suggest […]

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The Real Turkish Shish Kebab

Contrary to American versions of the dish, Turkish shish kebab rarely comes with vegetables on the same skewer as the meat. Rather, the vegetables are grilled on separate skewers, so […]

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Grilled Clam and Pepper Kebabs

These simple but vibrant clam and pepper kebabs are from the Hama sushi restaurant in Venice, California.

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Peruvian Beef Kebabs (Anticuchos)

Peruvians from all economic classes eat these spicy kebabs dipped in fiery yellow chile sauce as a quick lunch on the go, a late night pick-me-up, and just about any […]

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