Meet the All New Ultimate Grill Brush

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Ultimate Grill Brush

You’re more likely to win the lottery or get struck by lightning. However, the small but much publicized risk of swallowing a stray metal bristle from a grill brush set us thinking. Could we design a grill brush that’s virtually guaranteed not to shed bristles? We have—it’s our new Ultimate Grill Brush—and it’s about to make it even easier to practice good grill hygiene safely and without fear.

A bit of engineering. In conventional grill brushes, the bristles are squeezed upright into holes drilled in the wooden or plastic block that serves as the brush head. Normally, these bristles can withstand up to 5 pounds of pressure before pulling out. But over time the brush head can become waterlogged or warped, causing the metal bristles to loosen or fall out.

To prevent this, we’ve twisted the metal bristles between two strands of stiff wire. The result: it would now take 25 pounds of pressure to pull the wire bristles loose.

We’ve kept the 28-inch-long handle, so you can brush your grill grate without burning your arm. We’ve kept both stainless steel and brass bristles—the former for scouring cast iron or stainless steel grill grates; the latter for more delicate porcelainized enamel—on a head a full 8 1/4 inches wide to give you maximum scouring power. We’ve kept the metal scraper for really tough cleaning jobs.

So now you can keep it hot, keep it clean, and keep it lubricated, without running the admittedly slight risk of swallowing a stray grill brush bristle.

The all new Ultimate Grill Brush. Order yours today.


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