The Ultimate Father’s Day Menu

Ignore the obvious irony. On Mothers Day, a guy and his kids jump through hoops to make sure mom doesn’t have to set foot in the kitchen. On Fathers Day, the same guy is expected not only to cook for his family, but stage an awesome feast. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Father’s Day takes place during one of the best months of the year for grilling, and that most men welcome any occasion to fire up the grill — even if it’s in the service of their own celebration.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t plenty of moms sweating it out in the burn zone for their men, too. So whether Dad is the master of the grill on Father’s Day or Mom is, this menu — from smoky martinis to pineapple “steaks” flambéed with dark rum — is the ultimate present for fathers everywhere.

Steven Grilling Tucson T-Bone

Steven Raichlen’s Fathers’ Day Menu

Smoky Martinis
Grilled Caesar Salad
Tucson T-Bones
Firecracker Corn Grilled with Tabasco Butter
Coconut Pineapple “Steaks” Flambéed with Dark Rum




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