Grilling Gear: Protect Your Hands While in the Hot Zone

Grilling exposes your hands to shooting sparks, scorching metal, and of course, smoking hot food. Whether you’re handling a chimney starter, cleaning or lifting a grill grate, moving a hot beer-can chicken, or pulling a pork shoulder, you need to protect your hands.

We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about your hands and forearms and how to keep them in the comfort zone when you’re in the hot zone. Here’s what you need:

Suede Grilling Gloves

Best of Barbecue Ultimate Suede Grilling Gloves: Voted tops by Cook’s Illustrated magazine, our heavy-duty suede grill gloves come up way past your elbow to protect your arms and well as your hands from the fire. The handsome orange and black gloves look as tough as they feel.

Grill Grid Lifter

Best of Barbecue Grid Lifter: There’s nothing more awkward than lifting a screaming hot grill grate to add additional fuel or wood chips to the fire. This spring loaded grate grabber makes the task a lot easier: simply depress the handle, twist the grid lifter to position the lift bar perpendicular to the grate, then release the handle and lift.

Insulated Food Gloves

Best of Barbecue Insulated Food Gloves: These insulated rubber gloves are our #1 bestseller. When it comes to unwrapping a barbecued brisket, lifting a hot chicken off a beer can or pulling a smoked pork shoulder into meaty shreds, nothing beats them.

Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Pit Mitt

New productBest of Barbecue Pit Mitt: Woven from the aerospace industry super fiber Aramid, this insulated glove withstands temperatures of up to 475 degrees. Perfect for handling hot chimney starters, grill planks, and salt slabs.

Best of Barbecue Meat Claws

New productBest of Barbecue Meat Claws: Pulling pork just got easier thanks to these stainless steel meat claws, which tear a smoked Boston butt into meaty shreds in seconds.

Insulated gloves and meat claws set

For the ultimate hand protection when pulling pork, invest in our Best of Barbecue Meat Claws and Insulated Food Gloves combination set.

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