Barbecue for Breakfast: Two Recipes to Amp Up Breakfast, Lunch, or Brunch

Smoked fried chicken and waffles with smoked bourbon maple syrup

All photos by Mike Hiller.

If you read my Barbecue Trends blog post every year, you know my enthusiasm for 18th & Vine in Dallas. Talk about chutzpah: a Kansas City-born pit master and a fine dining chef joined forces two years ago to teach Texans something new about barbecue. And guess what: Dallas loves them. We asked our food and travel writer friend, Michael Hiller, to send us an update about one of my favorite meals on the grill: barbecue breakfast.


If your plans for the next sunny weekend involve a few chunks of wood and a smoker, the chefs at 18th & Vine restaurant in Dallas have a smoky, sweet recipe that’ll amp up your breakfast, lunch, and brunch game: smoked bourbon maple syrup.

At their Kansas City-style barbecue restaurant, KC-born pit boss Matt Dallman and chef de cuisine J.P. Mancha like to infuse every dish with a little smoke. Slow-smoked pulled pork finds its way into their breakfast burritos (with gently scrambled eggs, cheddar cheese and jalapeños), refried pit beans cooked in the smoker add bass notes to their huevos rancheros, and hickory-smoked pork ribs amplify the smoky flavors of grilled peppers, roasted potatoes, and charred onions in their rib hash. So next time you fire up the smoker, toss on a pot of pinto beans and an extra rack of pork ribs to use for breakfast. And when you send a big plate of fluffy pancakes or savory waffles to the table, you’ll want to make sure you’ve made some smoked maple syrup to steal the show. Here’s how.

Rib hash (with a drizzle of that smoked bourbon maple syrup):

Rib hash

Smoked fried chicken and waffles with smoked bourbon maple syrup:

Chicken and waffles

Smoked Bourbon Maple Syrup
18th & Vine Rib Hash