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Grilled Fish for Lenten Fridays


What is Lent?
For the 40 days preceding Easter Sunday, many Americans, especially Catholics, observe Lent as an important religious period of the year. The activities of Lent are meant to increase mindfulness, prayer and adherence to certain practices.

How does fish relate to Lent?
One particular way that observers can participate during Lent is to give up red meat on Fridays (or during the entire 40 day period). While that may cancel a weekly Friday cookout for some, we are here to tell you that needn’t be the case!

Grilled Fish Recipes
Even for those who don’t practice a related religion or adhere to Lenten principles, grilling seafood dishes can be a way to break from your red meat routine. The simple flavors of seafood combined with the aroma of smoke make a wonderful dish for any palate. Try the recipes below in place of your next Fish Fry, and share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Fabulous Fish Tacos
This dish is extremely flexible in both its ingredients and cooking methods — whether you prefer planked salmon, seared tuna, or grilled white fish, there’s a combination that will suit you.

Cold-Smoked Salmon
Dinner isn’t the only meal where you may have to alter your menu during Lent! Try smoked salmon with breakfast, in omelets, on its own, or with bagels and cream cheese. You may never go back to breakfast sausage after experiencing this home-smoked salmon.

Shrimp 6 Ways
Fresh shrimp may be hard to come by for any land-locked grillers, but luckily shrimp freezes very well! It’s also great smoked, grilled or even cavemanned. Keep these recipes in your back pocket for a fun Friday option.

Blackened Fish Fillet
Weather is hardly an excuse not to grill for many of our avid readers, but for those of us who may still be experiencing frigid temperatures and need to bring meal prep indoors, you could use this cast iron recipe in the kitchen. It creates a lot of smoke (it’s supposed to!) so you may want to make it on the grill if you can.

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