Raising the Steaks: The Grass-Fed Beef 1LB Challenge


For several years, Steven has been beating the drum for grass-fed, pasture-raised beef, recommending it in his books and featuring it on his TV shows, Project Smoke and Project Fire.

So he was very receptive when Strauss Brands, a leader in ethical and sustainable livestock practices, recently launched its “1LB Challenge” consumer awareness campaign.

The challenge is a simple one: Simply replace 1 pound of your weekly beef purchases with grass-fed beef raised in the U.S.

The United States is currently missing out on significant economic and environmental benefits of the upward trend in grass-fed beef sales in the U.S. While sales have increased 1,500 percent since 2012, over 75 percent of grass-fed beef sold in the here is imported.

Every American steer raised on a grass-fed and finished diet makes a significant impact, says Strauss. Each steer:

  • Preserves a minimum of four acres of pastureland;
  • Prevents up to 108 pounds of nitrogen and phosphorus from entering lakes, streams, and other waterways, especially the Mississippi watershed and Gulf of Mexico “dead zone.”
  • Removes up to 20,000 pounds of atmospheric carbon from the air;
  • Rebuilds soil organic matter (every 1 percent increase improves water holding capacity by 20,000 gallons per acre).

“The 1LB Challenge” implores consumers to make informed choices in the grocery store meat aisle.

“Every consumer has the power to cast a vote with their purchase. We want consumers to understand how one small change in the meat aisle, repeated regularly, can contribute to a greener tomorrow,” said Randy Strauss, CEO and Co-President, Strauss Brands. “When consumers choose American grass-fed and finished beef, they support U.S. family farmers’ efforts to preserve and protect our food supply for future generations.”

Here’s how you can accept “The 1LB Challenge”:

  1. Get informed.Learn more about the impact your family can make when you choose to support American family farmers practicing sustainable land management.
  2. Make the commitment.Pledge your support of America’s farmers who manage their land sustainably and produce grass fed, grass finished beef. In return, Strauss Brands will provide a special offer for 5lbs of ground beef for $25 + free shipping through Strauss Brands’ online store, Free Raised® Direct.
  3. Cast your vote with your purchase.Find a retailer near you – use Strauss’ product locator to purchase in-store.
  4. Talk to your butcher: Look for “raised in theUSA” on your product package. Don’t be fooled by deceptive “product of USA” labeling.

To learn more about the work Strauss American family farmers are doing to protect our earth and the company’s commitment to environmental stewardship via partnerships with non-profit partners such as the Michael Fields Agricultural Institute and American Prairie Reserve, visit

In the meantime, here are a few of Steven’s favorite beef recipes to inspire your grilling and barbecuing.
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Click here to read Steven’s interview with Randy Strauss.

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