The Savviest Grillers Are Buying These Tools Now

An artisan always has to own the right tools, and that applies to grillers and pit masters. We presume you, as an avid griller or smoker, already have the basics—a chimney starter, tongs, a grill scraper. What about the tools you don’t have—some of the most popular grilling items from Steven’s “Best of Barbecue” line? Move toward professionalism. In order, here are some of his best-sellers.

1. Galvanized Charcoal and Ash Can: Best case scenario? You would own two of these handsome receptacles—one for keeping charcoal dry, and another for extinguishing hot coals. Great for tailgating when you have to quickly dispense with live embers (which can remain dangerously active for up to 24 hours).

2. Meat Claws, aka, Lifter/Meat Shredder: We’re appalled when we read that some misguided people “shred” pork with a stand mixer. No. No. No. Pulled pork (or beef or chicken) needs more attention, someone who cares to remove gobs of fat or any nasty bits. These meat claws make easy work of shredding meat while also serving as “lifters” for huge hunks of smoked or barbecued meat, such as leg of lamb, turkey, beef clod, or pork shoulder. Indispensible.

3. Insulated Food Gloves: Too hot to handle? These heavy-duty insulated rubberized gloves will be one of the best, most gratifying buys you’ll make as a barbecuer. We can’t imagine maneuvering beer can chicken, pulled pork, ham, turkey, or brisket to a serving platter without them.

4. Beer Can Chicken Roaster: Beer can chicken is a sentimental favorite. When I first met Steven, he had just written a book by the same name. (Yes, I’ve known him a long time.) My family loves beer can chicken. This innovative roaster enables you to add any flavorful liquid you want to the lidded but perforated receptacle—wine, broth, beer, etc. Fill it with pumpkin-spiced ale for the beer can chicken of your autumn dreams.

5. Kebab Rack with Flat Skewers: I hate gadgets—utensils that will end up at a charity-based store when I purge my kitchen drawers. But flat skewers are a game-changer. I will never give them up. No longer will your shrimp or beef cubes spin uncontrollably over the fire.

6. Marinade Spray Bottle: This food-safe spray bottle will help you deliver exceptional flavors to the foods on your grill. Moisten slow-cooking foods by showering them every 30 minutes in thin, flavorful liquids. The mixture can be as simple as beer, apple cider, or even coffee mixed with Worcestershire sauce.

Stay tuned for the next list of Steven’s top-selling barbecue tools, coming in a future blog!

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