Three Grilled Desserts For Thanksgiving

Grilled Pumpkin Pie with Hickory-Smoked Ginger Snap Crust

Thanksgiving is barreling towards us like some crazy holiday freight train.   I assume you’ve worked out your turkey and side dishes.  (If not, see our The Only Turkey Recipe You’ll Ever Need blog, and our Thanksgiving Side Dish blog.)

But no holiday meal is complete without dessert and the fortuitous timing of Thanksgiving—in the thick of the fall harvest season—makes the possibilities particularly mouth-watering.

To start with, there’s pumpkin pie—as indispensable at the Thanksgiving table as stuffing or cranberry sauce—and we’ve got a pumpkin pie for you that you actually cook on the grill.

Then there’s a dessert made with one of my favorite fall fruits: fresh pears—here stuffed with brown sugar, butter, ground almonds and cinnamon, and smoked in your smoker or grill.  Yes, you should serve it a la mode with smoked ice cream or smoked whipped cream.

Finally, a smoked apple crisp, which you, dear reader, are going to fortify with bourbon and bacon.

And best of all, you cook them outdoors, freeing up much needed space in your kitchen and oven.

Three desserts to give thanks for with one unifying theme—the flavor enhancing powers of smoke and fire.

From the family to yours, we wish you a safe, joyful Thanksgiving.