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Homemade Gifts for the Barbecue Lovers in Your Life


Once again, we’ve combed our extensive recipe files to come up with worthy candidates for homemade gifts for the barbecue enthusiasts in your life. Happy Holidays!


10 Creative Homemade Gifts for the Barbecue Lovers

1. Chipotle Molasses Barbecue Sauce

One of our all-time favorite sauces, this one, which features a shot or two of rye whiskey, is perfect for giving. Its spiciness pairs well with pork, beef, or chicken. Package with a basting brush, if desired.

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2. Bacon Jam

Chef Erik Reynolds of Tulsa’s Smoke Woodfire Grill shared his recipe for this savory jam with Steven, and we never want to be without it. If you wish, start with Made-From-Scratch Bacon, or buy a good artisanal bacon like Nueske’s.

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3. Beef or Venison Jerky

One of America’s most popular snacks (keto-friendly) is easy to make at home using ingredients you likely have in your pantry. We like the texture pink curing salt (also called Prague powder) gives the meat, but you can leave it out if you’d prefer.

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4. Barbecued Peanut

The heat seekers on your gift list will appreciate these spicy barbecued peanuts. Make two batches of this bar snack. Gotta keep your strength up during this busy holiday season.

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5. Bacon Bourbon

Bacon Bourbon

Bourbon (or whiskey) infused with smoky bacon has a place under our tree any day. Use it to make smoky Manhattans or an Old Fashioned or just sip it.

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6. Raichlen’s Rub

This all-purpose rub is infinitely customizable and makes a great gift! For the best results, be sure to use fresh spices from sources that have a high turnover. Include instructions for use.

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7. Smoked Cheesecake with Burnt Sugar Cream Sauce

Smoked cheesecake

Photo by Richard Dallett

Smoke takes a familiar dessert to a higher level. It’s the ultimate hostess gift. For a professional-looking presentation, buy a box from the bakery department of your local supermarket.

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8. Brisket Chocolate Chip Cookies

Brisket Chocolate Chip Cookies

Leave it to Austin, Texas, to stir morsels of barbecued brisket into cookies. From the food truck known as LeRoy and Lewis comes this intriguing recipe, which Steven featured in his book The Brisket Chronicles. Package in an attractive tin or a square of cellophane or butcher paper.

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9. Smokehouse Shoulder Ham

A ham you’ve cured and smoked yourself using both cold- and hot-smoking makes a magnificent gift. Steven’s shortened the curing time to seven days by injecting the ham with brine, but start the project soon. Package with Mustard Seed Caviar.

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10. Salmon Candy

Salmon Candy

This irresistible snack—think of it as salmon jerky—takes only 30 minutes of hands-on time. Pair it with a bottle of your favorite brand of vodka or aquavit for a gift that will be much appreciated.

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