8 Recipes to Grill or Smoke in May


May is National Barbecue Month! (As if there weren’t enough reasons to love this warmer, gentler month—the official gateway to summer fun.)

In a digital flurry of “spring cleaning,” we discovered we’ve published well over 1,000 recipes on our website alone (this doesn’t include the additional thousands to be found in Steven’s popular Barbecue! Bible series of books.

Below are several we selected especially for you for the month of May. (And don’t forget Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend, Sunday, May 9. For one of our favorite Mother’s Day menus.

8 Recipes to Grill or Smoke


One of our favorite warm-weather cocktails is a refreshing concoction Steven describes as a cross between a mojito and a margarita. The haunting smokiness of mezcal (like tequila, made from the agave plant) is emphasized by the addition of fragrant smoke from a handheld smoker like this one. It’s a party in a pitcher!

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Smoked Deviled Eggs

Get your backyard barbecue off to a savory start with smoked deviled eggs. (Tip: For perfectly centered yolks, tip the eggs on their sides in their carton and let them sit for several hours or overnight before hard-cooking.) We like to get creative with the garnishes, using everything from pulled pork to caviar and brisket. But a dusting of pimenton (smoked paprika) or a little chopped parsley will do, too.

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Foolproof Barbecued Chicken

The key to great barbecued chicken—chicken with crispy skin with a subtle smoky flavor—is indirect heat supplemented with wood smoke from wood chunks or smoking chips. Here, the bird is halved (to shorten cooking times), with flavor boosts from a simple dry rub, a vinegar-based mop sauce, and finally, barbecue sauce.

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Hedgehog Hot Dogs

There’s something so satisfying, so elemental about hot dogs; they’re one of the first things we crave when the snow stops blowing. We especially like the “hedgehog” dogs, where the skin is scored before grilling to maximize the surface presented to the fire. We have our friend Russ Faulk, chief designer for Kalamazoo Gourmet, to thank for this technique. Try it and you’ll never look back.

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Grilled Skirt Steak With Poblano Peppers And Onions

There’s nothing ho-hum about this explosively-flavored skirt steak, soaked in a chile-inflected marinade and grilled with onions, poblanos, and mustard greens. A grill basket is optional, but is very helpful.

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First-Timer’s Ribs

A fool-proof recipe for ribs, let alone one that allows you to put perfectly cooked bones on your table in about 1 1/2 hours? Originally published in Steven’s popular book, Best Ribs Ever, this recipe incorporates many of the tricks used by competition barbecuers to bring home top prizes.

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The Great American Hamburger

The title says it all—“The Great American Hamburger.” Here’s a blueprint for consistently producing an Instagram-worthy burger every time. Perfect for a small party, serve these burgers with the Best Barbecued Beans on the Planet and/or Smoked Coleslaw.

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Smoked Ice Cream With Rum Raisin Sauce

Yes, everything tastes better with bacon. Even ice cream sundaes, studded with slices of maple syrup-glazed bacon. One artisanal producer, Runamok, makes a series of creatively-flavored maple syrups like cinnamon-vanilla, cardamom, and more. Click here to find a sampler of Runamok Maple Organic Vermont Maple Syrup.

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