The Best Knife for Perfect Grilled Vegetables

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When many of us are asked which are our favorite grilled foods, we often find ourselves choosing grilled and smoked meats. And though the team members at remain devoted carnivores, we’ve begun to shift our answers to more herbivore-like dishes in recent years. We’re finding that the diverse qualities amongst vegetable types give us the opportunity to flex our grilling muscles, and enjoy the myriad of fantastic flavors they provide as both a side or a main dish.

How to Grill VegetablesIn Steven Raichlen’s new book How to Grill Vegetables, he explores over 100 recipes that take advantage of the health benefits of grilled veggies, as well as their affordability. These creative recipes allow grillers to cook delicious meals that absorb the smoke and char from the dry heat of the fire and carmelize the natural sugars within.

In order to achieve sublime results, we use Shun Cutlery’s Nakiri to prepare Steven’s recipes. The word “nakiri” is Japanese for “vegetable knife.” The first thing you’ll notice is its straight blade and spine, which calls for a push motion and makes it perfect for slicing vegetables, rather than a traditional chef’s knife that calls for a rocking motion. The second difference you’ll see in the Nakiri’s blade is that it has a blunt tip, making it safer to use in the kitchen. This practical blade will work for salad or stir-fry, but you will simply love using the Shun Premier Nakiri on vegetables for grilled dishes.

Watch Steven Raichlen using the Shun Nakiri for the vegetables he needs for Grilled Tofu in Pita:

As you’ve heard from us before, your barbecue is only as good as the tools you use to prepare it. Shun Cutlery has become a frequent sight for our readers, especially with the essential 12-inch Brisket Knife. With high-performance steel, a razor-sharp edge, perfect balance, and precision cutting control, you’ll wonder how you ever managed to cook without these knives from Shun.

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