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The BBQ 500 Club Announces its December Dinner Menu

Prime Rib - BBQ500 December Dinner Menu

How would you like to take your family and friends on an around-the-world culinary excursion for the holiday season with Steven Raichlen himself as your personal guide?

Here’s a way to visit Greece, Iran, Spain, the USA and Guadeloupe all in one night without having to leave the comfort of your own dining room! Just take this fantastic gustatory voyage with us in December, designed for our total enjoyment by 500 Club members extraordinaire, David and Beth Cadugan!

December Dinner Menu

Persian Eggplant Dip with Walnuts – Iran (p. 84)

“If you think baba ghanoush is good, wait until you taste this! What makes this dip so distinctive is the addition of walnuts and a tangy cheese called kashk-bibi, (or use feta cheese and a feta brine if you can´t find it). Serve this as a dip with Grilled Pita Chips”

A Different Greek Salad (Marlo Salata) – Greece (p. 110)

“This is a little different from the Greek salads most of us are used to, made as it is with crisp romaine lettuce and aromatic fresh dill. Squeeze the lemon juice directly over the salad.”

Grilled Prime Ribs of Beef with Garlic & Rosemary – USA (p. 137)

“A prime rib represents a formidable piece of meat for even the most seasoned chef. Here’s an easy, virtually foolproof method for cooking perfect, crusty on the outside, meltingly tender inside prime ribs every time.”

Prime Rib - BBQ500 December Dinner Menu

Chorizo Grilled Mushrooms – Spain (p. 411)

“Mushroom caps grilled with chorizo, garlic, and olive oil are a popular Spanish tapa – so popular, in fact, that there’s a tapas bar in Madrid, the Mesón del Champiñón, that serves this and only this dish! Served as either an appetizer or as a side dish.”

Chorizo Grilled Mushrooms - December Dinner Menu

Coconut Ice Cream – Guadeloupe (p. 522)

“This lovely ice cream comes from Guadeloupe’s Pointe des Chateau beach, where it’s churned by hand by women working under beach umbrellas or from the backs of their station wagons.” A favorite of 500 Club members…

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