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Just in from the Far East….The BBQ 500 Club January Dinner Menu


The SR500CMORDDPM for January 2023

Otherwise known as “Steven Raichlen’s 500 Club Members Only Ridiculously Delicious Dinner Plan of the Month”

Sourced from the barbecue trail on the Far Side of the World by Steven and handpicked by Frank and Kelley DeTuro from The Barbecue Bible! for this month’s plan. If you ever wanted proof that great barbecue can be much, much more than hamburgers and hot dogs on the Fourth of July, check this out!

Note: These are extremely ambitious dinner plan offerings, involving multiple SR recipes, by some very expert grillers in your Club. To do the entire plan is a significant undertaking! We never want anyone to feel overwhelmed and we certainly don´t want anyone to get hurt! If you are new to Steven’s recipes and would rather try doing just a couple at one time, that’s ok! Do that and post your results! It will be fabulous, and the other 500 Club members will love to see what you’re up to!

January Dinner Menu

Mango Nectar (p61) (maybe a splash of rum to liven it up)

“Mango and other tropical fruit punches are found throughout the Caribbean, where they make a refreshing nonalcoholic alternative to the knee-weakening rum drinks associated with the region.” (Add a little rum if you like weak knees.)

Grilled Eggs w/Vietnamese Seasonings (p90)

“Here’s a Southeast Asian twist on Western hard cooked eggs. If you’re familiar with only the mayo and mustard treatment in the West, the vibrant dipping sauce will come as a revelation. Roasted on the grill instead of boiled, this particular recipe was inspired by a street vendor in Saigon.”

Grilled Eggs - January Dinner Menu

Yakitori (p285)

“Yakitori (literally grilled chicken) is Japan’s most popular snack – enjoyed daily at innumerable yakitori parlors, where office workers gather after work for drinks, eats, and camaraderie.”


Grilled Rice Cakes (p431)

“Grilled rice cakes are a popular dish in Japan, turning up at street vendors stalls, at yakitori parlors, and even at highfalutin restaurants. This recipe was inspired by the vendors outside the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo.”

Classic Teriyaki Sauce (p473)

“Many Americans think of teriyaki as a marinade, but in traditional Japanese cuisine its actually a glaze or barbecue sauce brushed on simple grilled meats and seafood. Teri is the Japanese word for gloss or luster, yaki means grilled. Zen-like in its simplicity.”

White Miso Barbecue Sauce (p475)

White miso, actually beige in color, is the most readily available miso and is best known as an ingredient in miso soup and miso salad dressing. Called Shiro-Miso in Japanese, it’s made with soybeans and rice, which give it a sweet flavor.

Grilled Long Beans (p409)

“Long beans (aka yard-long beans) are a traditional Chinese vegetable. Shaped like green beans but up to 18 inches long, they found their way to the Caribbean via the Chinese indentured laborers who came to Trinidad in the 1800´s. So long, you can tie them into decorative knots.”

Grilled Long Beans - Dinner Play for January

Korean Fruit Punch (p524)

“Part beverage and part fruit salad, this cool, syrupy dish is served as a refresher at the end of a Korean meal. Steven has had it made with everything from dried persimmons to jujubes (a type of date), but the ingredients are really limited only by your imagination.

Find all of these recipes and more in The Barbecue! Bible.

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