Breakfast Just Got Better: Grilling Morning Meals with a GrillGrate

Breakfast on the Grill

Recently I introduced Planet Barbecue to GrillGrates in my blog, “Test Driving GrillGrates.” I explained how they can up your grill game and revamp your grill. The GrillGrate set-up on my kettle grill produced serious grill marks on the swordfish I cooked.

GrillGrates are made with hard anodized aluminum that conducts heat more efficiently. Due to the conductivity of the grates, heat is dispersed evenly and eliminates hot spots. They never rust. The patented raised rail system conducts heat upward to promote precise searing. Food is protected from flare-ups from the bottom plate. The valleys vaporize juices and add moisture and flavor. The holes in the grates allow for proper airflow. The panels interlock to make the system stable for cooking.
Grilling Breakfast

GrillGrate generously sent me a set-up for my 22-inch kettle grill. They make grates for many models of outdoor and indoor grills. Whether you own a gas grill, charcoal grill, kamado-style grill, or even a pellet smoker, they have got a grate for you.

One cool feature of the GrillGrate system is the ability to flip them over and use them as a flat top cooking surface. I thought a great way to showcase the flat side of the grates would be to cook breakfast.

Grilling Breakfast

I love to use leftovers from the night before when cooking breakfast. Leftover steak or brisket pairs well with eggs, potatoes, and veggies. While working on the set of Project Fire, I watched the talented field chef Chris Lynch make hash with leftovers. He would utilize either steak, brisket, or bacon to make a tasty mid-morning snack that the crew looked forward to eating.

Here is my attempt to create a breakfast hash similar to the one I enjoyed on the set.

I started by lighting a chimney starter full of lump charcoal. Once the coals were hot, I spread the coals out in an even layer, with a safe zone towards the front of the grill (2-zone fire). I placed the GrillGrates in the grill to heat up.

While the chimney was heating up my coals, I prepared all my ingredients. I diced up leftover roasted potatoes and sliced up leftover filet mignon. Next, I sliced one sweet onion, one red and yellow pepper, and a cup of mushrooms.

Breakfast on the Grill

Once the GrillGrates were hot I added the onions, peppers, and mushrooms. Once the veggies start to brown, I added the potatoes. Once the potatoes got crispy, I added the leftover steak. I added the steak last since I was just heating it up. I mixed all the ingredients together and moved them to the safe zone while I fried the eggs to top the hash.

Eggs on the Grill

I served the hash in mini cast-iron pans and topped each dish with a fried egg and garnished with fresh parsley.

The flat side of the GrillGrates heated up quickly and evenly. The veggies cooked quickly. The veggies had the char you expect when cooking over a live fire. The potatoes were crispy, and the steak seared right away. The eggs cooked instantly and did not run through the holes in the grates. Due to the small holes in the grates the whole dish had a smoky aroma that you only get when cooking over a live fire. The combination of fresh veggies, crispy potatoes, and the tender steak was delicious on its own, but when topped with a fried egg this breakfast was next level.

The flat side of the GrillGrates allows you to turn your grill into a flat top with the bonus of cooking over live fire.

Breakfast on the Grill

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