Spicy Ribs with a Sweet Twist

Spicy Rib Wings

I recently introduced planet barbecue to the Sauce Goddess in by blog “Easy & Delicious: Moroccan Chicken Kebabs with Sauce Goddess” I prepared a Moroccan chicken and grilled veggie kebab in a warm pita topped with a Sauce Goddess inspired chermoula.

The Sauce Goddess (Jennifer) is a woman owned company that started 25 years ago. Jennifer started the company with a secret family recipe passed down from her father Keith. The company started with one recipe and has grown over the last 25 years and offers a variety of spice rubs, sauces, dips, and spreads.

Sauce Goddess products are certified gluten free; they do not contain any MSG or GMO’s. No junk ingredients or flavorings are used in Sauce Goddess products. Nothing but real food ingredients. The rubs and dry dip mixes are Kosher.

Spicy Ribs - Sauce Goddess

In the sampling of spice rubs and sauces the Sauce Goddess generously sent me were a Jamaican Jerk spice rub and the Red Devil Habanero sauce. I decided to make a spicy rib with a twist. The twist is cooking the ribs in the style of wings. It means I sliced the rack of ribs into individual ribs before cooking. If you would like to learn more about this style of ribs, check out my blog “Ribs Take Wing.

Making Spicy Ribs

I started by slicing a rack of St Louis cut spareribs into individual ribs. Removing the membrane is not necessary with this method of cooking ribs. Next, I generously applied the Jamaican Jerk spice rub to the individual ribs on all sides. Make sure you season all sides of the individual ribs. I placed the ribs on a wire rack which makes it easier to move the ribs on and off the grill. My wife does not like food with too much heat, so I also sliced a second rack of ribs and applied the Sauce Goddess Sweet Rub. I planned to finish these ribs with the Sweet and Tangy Sauce.

Spicy Ribs

I set up my Big Green XL for indirect grilling and heated it to 250 degrees. I added three apple wood chucks to create wood smoke. The ribs cooked for an hour and started to develop a light mahogany color. I started to spray the ribs with a mixture of apple cider vinegar, apple juice, and Worcestershire sauce. I continued to spray the ribs every twenty to thirty minutes. The edges of the ribs were becoming crispy, the meat pulled back from the bones, and there was a dark mahogany color to the ribs after about two hours. The cooking time for individual ribs will vary based on the size of the ribs.

To finish the ribs, I increased the temperature to 375 degrees for the last 20 minutes and basted the ribs with the Red Devil Habanero and Sweet and Tangy sauce. I heated the sauce on my grill, so I was not applying cold sauce to the hot ribs. The total cooking time was about two and a half hours.

Sauce Goddess - Ribs

The ribs were easily removed from the grill since they were on a wire rack. I placed the rack over a sheet pan to rest.

The Results

The ribs with the Jamaican Jerk rub and the Red Devil Habanero sauce developed a deep dark color. The Sweet and Tangy ribs were a perfect mahogany color. The edges of the ribs with crusty due to the high heat at the end of the cooking process. The ribs did not fall apart when I took a bite. The ribs were meaty, smoky, and juicy. The combination of the Jamaican Jerk rub and the Red Devil Habanero sauce produced a spicy, but not overpowering rib. The beginning of each bite was flavorful from the rub, and then there was the delayed heat from the sauce. It is a great combination if you like your ribs spicy. I enjoyed the balance of the crispy edges and the tender inside of the ribs.

Spicy Ribs

The Sweet Rub and the Sweet and Tangy sauce created a delicious rib. It tasted like a traditional rib since it was smoky, sweet, and tender. They also created a nice break from the heat of the Red Devil Habanero sauce.

I enjoyed trying out Sauce Goddess’s rubs and sauces on one of my favorite things to cook and eat, ribs. These rub and sauce combinations would be great on wings, chicken thighs, rotisserie chicken, and pork tenderloin. Be creative and try these rub and sauce pairings on whatever you make at your next cookout.

Stay tuned for our next recipe with Sauce Goddess rubs and spices.

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