Barbecue University™

Are You Hungry Yet? What’s on the Menu at Barbecue University® 2023

Are You Hungry Yet? What’s on the Menu at Barbecue University® 2023

This is it—a rare opportunity to learn from the BBQ Master in an amazing location!

In early September, Steven Raichlen will bring his encyclopedic knowledge of world barbecuing and grilling to the stunning Alisal Ranch in California wine country. Just a few spaces remain for Barbecue University® 2023, the longest-running grilling school in the USA. Act fast to reserve your place at what’s been called “a fantasy camp for coalheads” and ranked the “#1 barbecue experience” by the Food Network.


Alisal Ranch

Barbecue University 2023

Steven founded Barbecue University® (aka, BBQU) to satisfy barbecue and grilling enthusiasts who wanted more than a quick grilling demonstration or two—ultimately, personal access to the knowledgeable man who has published more 30 books, including the award-winning Barbecue! Bible and Project Smoke, and hosted five TV series on American Public Television. (Catch his latest, Planet Barbecue, now airing.)
Barbecue University 2023

What makes this course different is that it’s hands-on—you do the grilling under the master’s supervision. This intensive 3-day course—think of it as the ultimate barbecue boot camp—has attracted thousands of attendees from nearly every continent. (You guessed it—Steven’s still waiting for an obsessed griller from Antarctica…) As a testament to how life-changing BBQU is, many students return year after year.

Why? Maybe because BBQU just keeps getting better. And better. Expect even more tantalizing menus and meals. Luxurious accommodations at the beautiful 10,000-acre Alisal Ranch, well-known for its many amenities (did we mention horseback riding on the ranch’s 100+ herd of horses?), near Santa Barbara and small historic boutique towns like Solvang. Answers to all your grilling and barbecue questions. Great wines from the Santa Ynez Valley. (The cult wine movie, Sideways, was filmed in neighboring Los Olivos, and if you started drinking tomorrow, you couldn’t finish all the great local vintages.) Access to the latest grills, tools, and equipment. And warm, often long-lasting friendships with Steven and fellow attendees.
Barbecue University 2023

Each day, you’ll be introduced to mind-blowing grilled and barbecued dishes with globally-influenced interpretations you’ve likely never eaten before, from appetizers to desserts (and cocktails, too), all prepared by teams of students with Steven’s oversight. The official menu always includes at least nine recipes, but Steven loves to improvise, meaning you can anticipate an even richer experience. And with pleasure, he’ll swerve to meet your needs. Want to make the best steak/grilled lobster/shrimp/smoke-roasted chicken/pulled pork, or other iconic American dishes? Just ask. He’ll accommodate you.

In the meantime, here’s a tantalizing preview of some of the dishes you’ll learn to make at BBQU 2023. Imagine the bragging rights.


Wine country sangria
Wood-grilled gazpacho with serrano ham crisps
Grilled salade Niçoise
Lemon sesame chicken wings
Cherry-glazed ribs with chipotle molasses barbecue sauce
East-West spiessbraten with jjicama and cucumber salad
Grilled tri-tip with ember salsa and grilled garlic bread
Grilled Japanese A5 Wagyu
West Indian squash gratin
Zucchini burnt ends
Smoked Catalan cremes
Dessert quesadillas

We’re just going to leave you with this:

“I have attended cooking classes and retreats throughout the U.S. and Europe, but have never experienced anything like Barbecue University®” wrote travel writer and author Larry Olmsted on

Again, if you have the dates September 4th to the 7th free and are committed to upping your barbecue game, sign up now. By the way, BBQU makes a great gift for family members or for a team-building experience! Hope to see you there.


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