Sweet & Sizzlin’ St. Louis Ribs with a Texas Kick

St. Louis Ribs with Texas Pepper Jelly

In my previous blogs, “Grilled Sweet And Spicy Shrimp With A Texas Twist” and “Just In Time for March Madness! Addictive Smoked Chicken Wings” I introduced Planet Barbecue to the Texas Pepper Jelly Company.

The Texas Pepper Jelly Company is known for pepper jelly, rib candy, spice rubs, and barbecue sauces. The Texas Pepper Jelly company offers a wide selection of each. Their pepper jellies combine the heat of habanero and the sweetness of fruit. The original pineapple habanero is one of the most popular. Other flavors include mango, peach cranberry, and strawberry. The pepper jellies can be used as a dipping sauce, topping from cream cheese, and even added to casseroles.

Their rib candy can be directly applied to your ribs to create a candy like glaze that has the perfect blend of sweet and heat. They also offer an all-sweet rib candy for those of you who can’t handle the heat. Their rib candy is not just for ribs either. It can be used on pork, shrimp, grilled fruit, and chicken. But if you prefer chicken, Texas Pepper Jelly also makes “Bird Bath” to glaze your grilled chicken, turkey, or duck.

Texas Pepper Jelly

The Texas Pepper Jelly Company offers an excellent selection of seasonings. As everyone across Planet Barbecue knows, building flavor starts at the beginning of the cooking process, so try adding one of their seasonings, jellies, or glazes to your next recipe.

Texas Pepper Jelly spice rubs, jellies, and glazes are a great way to boost the flavor of any dish. I recently used a combination of their products to elevate ribs that I was smoking. Here is how it all came together.

St. Louis Ribs

I purchased two racks of St. Louis cut spareribs from my local butcher. I seasoned the spareribs with two of the spice rubs from the Texas Pepper Jelly company. First, I applied a light coating of the All-Purpose Rub and then finished the ribs with the Blended Honey Rub. I let the seasoned ribs marinate in the refrigerator for four hours, but you could go as long as overnight.

St. Louis Ribs

I removed the ribs from the refrigerator and let them rest on the counter, so I would not be putting cold ribs into the smoker. Next, I set up my Big Green Egg XL (BGE) for indirect cooking by inserting the diffuser plate. Once the BGE reached 250 degrees, I added apple woodchucks to create wood smoke.

The ribs were placed in the BGE and cooked for an hour. After an hour, I started to spray the ribs with a mixture of apple cider vinegar and mango habanero rib candy. I thought I could boost the flavor of the ribs by adding the rib candy to the spray bottle.

St. Louis Ribs on the smoker

After two hours of smoking, the ribs developed a nice color, and it was time to wrap the ribs. Before wrapping the ribs, I heated some of the mango habanero rib candy with the mango habanero pepper jelly to create a glaze for the ribs.

I poured the glaze on the foil and placed the ribs’ meat side down in the glaze. Then I glazed the back of the ribs and then wrapped them. As the fat rendered from the ribs, it mixed with the glaze and created a sauce to flavor the ribs. The glaze mixture had time to flavor the ribs while they cooked, wrapped for another hour.

One optional last step would be to cook the ribs unwrapped at a higher heat to caramelize the glaze on the ribs.

I let the ribs rest for forty-five minutes, and then I sliced them. The ribs were smoky, had a great mahogany color, and the glaze cooked into the ribs. The ribs started sweet and then finished with some heat. The blended honey rub and the mango in the jelly and rib candy created sweetness, while the habanero provided the heat. I enjoyed the balance of sweet and delayed heat. The ribs were tender, but still had some bite when eaten.

St. Louis Ribs with Texas Pepper Jelly

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