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How to Choose the Best Ribeye (Cowboy) Steaks

From our friends at Strauss Brands who brought us What Is Grass-Fed Beef and What’s So Great About It? and provided the beef for Project Smoke come two helpful videos on steak:

Butchery 101: From 107 Rib to Cowboy Steak

Americans love a great steak, and the ribeye is our king cut. Resident grass-fed beef experts Mark Goessl and Lori Dunn explain the fabrication of the beef rib primal cut into bone-in ribeye steaks or cowboy steaks. These tender steaks taste best crusted with sea salt and cracked black pepper or with Best of Barbecue Steak Rub and seared over a hot fire.

Butchery 101: How to Choose the Best Ribeye Steak

Walk up to the butcher case, and you have choices to make. Grass-fed or corn-fed? Rib steak or T-bone? Resident grass-fed beef experts Mark Goessl and Lori Dunn will deconstruct the ribeye to explain why steaks from this primal cut look so different from one end to another and how to choose the cut that is just right for you. Here’s a hint: it is well-marbled, tender and delicious, and also 100% grass-fed. Here’s another hint: you can see their beef in action on Project Smoke.

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