New to BBQ: Grilling Tools You Should Check Out Now

New to BBQ: Grilling Tools You Should Check Out Now

We try to keep tabs on what is new in the world of grilling and BBQ, and bring you updates when we find new products hitting the market. Below you will see a list of new gadgets and tools that are worth a look. If you have suggestions for things to add, please get in touch on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and we can add to the list!

Adrenaline Slow ‘N Sear Grill
Convert your kettle grill into a smoker and blistering hot sear machine with this all-in-one accessory. With zones for indirect grilling and charcoal basket searing, separated by an ideally-shaped water reservoir, we find this perfect for grilling all manner of backyard barbecue favorites—burgers, chicken, pulled pork, ribs, and a seared steak.

WOODFLAME Portable Grill
We had a chance to use this grill at Barbecue University this year to prepare pineapple, pork and jalapeno kebabs. We love its portable size, the fact that it burns wood, and produces some serious heat. Did we mention that thanks to a battery powered blower, the Wood Flame is fully portable, too?

BBQ Guru’s New CyberQ Cloud
You may be familiar with BBQ Guru’s PartyQ, which we’ve covered before. The new CyberQ Cloud comes with an increased memory and more powerful processor to give you more freedom to entertain guests and prepare other dishes while your grill works. Visit BBQ Guru’s site to choose the model or your grill or smoker, and the appropriate CyberQ model will automatically be selected.

YETI® Rambler Jugs
New this spring, YETI® Rambler Jugs are built to last. Virtually indestructible and engineered to keep your drinks cold (or hot!) for hours, this is the perfect jug for long days in the summer sun. YETI has partnered with a program dear to our hearts, Operation BBQ Relief. You can read the full press release here.

New Barbecue and Grilling Books
No griller’s tool set is truly complete until you have a well-worn (possibly stained!) library of cookbooks on your shelf. Five new cookbooks will give you plenty of inspiration and recipes for the summer ahead.