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Brand New Heating Up!

Brand New Heating Up!

Dear friends,

It’s about time! Things have been heating up behind the scenes at

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to our totally redesigned, radically-improved, completely awesome, new Barbecue Bible web site.

We’ve worked hard to deliver a complete update of this website. We’ll now be able to offer you more eye-opening barbecue news, more indispensable tips and techniques, and more irresistible grilling and smoking recipes.

At the same time, we want to shine the spotlight even more on our fantastic barbecue board and barbecue community who we will be involving in more areas of the site. We will be contacting our illustrious moderators and members for short features, and everyone will be able to comment on blog posts and content throughout the site.

Our goal in a nutshell: to make your go-to place for all things barbecuing and grilling.

So what’s new?

A bold new look: Check out our new visuals—starting with our clean new color scheme—pleasing tones of blue, white, and gray. And a lot more photographs, starting on the homepage.

A new blog format: Starting this month we’ll be blogging a lot more about the issues that matter to you, providing news, tips, techniques, and new grills and grilling accessories with a peek under the hood to tell you how grills work and why. We’ll tell you about must-try new restaurants and barbecue joints, must-read books, and must-attend barbecue classes and festivals. You’ll also learn a lot more about what’s going on in my test kitchen and at Barbecue University. Plus, we’ll compare products and will bust myths, explaining the science behind grilling.

Barbecue Board front and center: As far as we’re concerned, the Barbecue Board is the heart and soul of, so we’ve highlighted the board front and center on our homepage, where we’ll feature members, their favorite products, and their grilling accomplishments.

A new recipe and techniques format: Complete with big, bold photos and clear step-by-step pictures and instructions!

A new Wiki: From A to Z, this will be a community-supported encyclopedia of barbecuing and grilling terms that we plan to build into the world’s most comprehensive source of barbecue and grilling information with your help.

A new store: You’ll easily find the essentials and latest innovations of my Best of Barbecue and Planet Barbecue grilling accessory lines available.

Newsletters: Starting this month, you can look forward to bi-monthly Up in Smoke newsletters. Yes, we’ll tell you about all the tools, fuels, flavors, and techniques you need to know to take your barbecuing and grilling to the next level. But we’ll also keep you up on the history and culture of barbecue and the best place on Planet Barbecue to enjoy it.

New community manager: And last but certainly not least, we have our first ever community manager Christine Porretta, who has edited and written for national magazines and websites for more than a decade and has worked for a leading purveyor of specialty foods. She and I will be delivering more of the content you want and engaging with you regularly on the board, participating in discussions, posting new topics, and answering questions. She loves to write about food, talk about food, travel to find food, and of course eat it — nothing will stop her, and the proof is right here with a photo of her finishing a grilled lamb chop off the bone at her wedding!

Community Manager Christine Porretta

With a bold new look, a leap forward in content, and a focus on community, our passion for live-fire cooking will always burn bright!
~Steven Raichlen

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  • beercuer

    Fantastic news, Steven (and Christine)! I believe you have implemented some really great ideas.

    • Christine

      Thanks, beercuer!

    • Christine

      Thanks, beercuer!

      • beercuer

        You are most welcome and well deserved, Christine. And thank you!!! May I ask if you discovered anything about more emoticons?

        • BBQB_Community_Manager

          Not yet, but when I have any news to share on that, the board will know!

  • Guest


  • Bruce Sorrell

    Congratulations on your new web site! I especially like the clean, uncluttered feel to it, along with an ease of navigation that is so user friendly I’m sure our cat could use it. 🙂
    You’ve always had the best BBQ recipes on the web, and now you’ve got a site that’s just as good. This is going to be fun! Slainte!


    ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I consider myself a weberologist (add this to your wiki list) But I am only as good as the teachings of Steven and that other guy from Weber. I have all of Steven’s cook books and always consult before I try anything new.