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Camp Chef Pellet Grills and Smokers

Camp Chef Pellet Grills and Smokers

This blog post is brought to you by Camp Chef, which provided advertising support.

We have not covered gas smokers on the blog in depth, but when we have canvased the topic, Camp Chef’s 24-inch Smoke Vault has continually proven to be a popular item among our readers. And we would be remiss in attempting to list the various types of smokers without discussing the advantages of gas smokers and the Smoke Vault. All this to say, if you are a fan of our blog you have come across Camp Chef’s products before.

What you may not know is that Camp Chef also manufacturers several pellet grills and smokers that you can find in our store. As revolutionary pellet grill technology has spread across the industry, many have come to appreciate the grills for their easy-to-use controls and versatility.

Camp Chef pellet grill with smoke

Simplicity is at the forefront of pellet grill owners’ minds. This type of grill works with the push of a button and the dial of a knob, allowing you to skip the long hours monitoring and tweaking the flame and temperature. With precise control of the temperature, you are likely to experience variances as little as 10 degrees.

Efficiency is another benefit of using a pellet grill—the fuel (in this case, pellets) will last you longer than a more traditional smoker’s fuel would. You can ratchet your efficiency up a notch even higher if you wrap your grill in a blanket that will keep it warm year round. According to Camp Chef, this can reduce pellet consumption by up to 50% during the winter months, and save you money year round. (Don’t worry, the blanket is built to handle the heat.)

They are continuously innovating their product to make it easier to use, including a new patent-pending ash cleanout system. So while you are shopping for a pellet grill this year, make sure to add Camp Chef to your list for consideration.

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