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Greatest Hits: 10 Recipes from Barbecue University™

Barbecue University™—still going strong after 17 years! The professor, yours truly, has lost track of how many students he’s personally escorted up the ladder of grilling enlightenment. Suffice it to say, the answer is “thousands.”

And I can’t say how many recipes have been featured over the years, because while each student receives a leather-bound notebook that includes that session’s menu and recipes—always 8 to 10 a day—I often go off script and give them extras. During the first couple of years, most of the recipes for the classes came from the Barbecue! Bible and How to Grill. The pond I fished from deepened considerably with the publishing of BBQ USA and Beer Can Chicken, followed by others, including Planet Barbecue and Project Smoke.

While brainstorming an all-new menu for BBQ U 2018, I reminisced about the most popular recipes—the ones students couldn’t wait to make for friends and family once they returned home. Here, I’m sharing ten of the “greatest hits” with you.

Green Lightning Shrimp Tacos
Maple-Sriracha Glazed Drumsticks
Thai Grilled Beef Salad
Pastrami Bacon
Caveman T-bones with Hellfire Hot Sauce
Big Bad Beef Ribs
Smoked Planked Trout with Caper Dill Sauce
Smoked Creamed Corn
Smoked Chocolate Bread Pudding
Bacon-Apple Crisp

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