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4 Great Grilling Recipes to Use For a Small Group

When planning a party that involves cooking for a large group, grilling is often the solution to producing a large number of meals in an efficient (and delicious!) manner. But what about the opposite situation? When preparing for a more intimate setting with fewer guests—or maybe a romantic date with only ONE guest!—grilling may be perceived as more effort than it’s worth.

We’re here to tell you not to overlook grilling for anniversaries, first dates, entertaining your boss, or even (gasp!) Valentine’s Day! Live fire cooking can often be a form of entertainment as well as a source of fantastic food that will be sure to earn the admiration of your guest(s).

We’ve chosen 4 key recipes below that will come in handy when planning a meal for a small group. Happy Grilling!

Game Hens Flavored with Herbs and Mustard for delicious poultry with no carving
We are huge fans of leftover poultry here at (especially when you can turn it into things like turkey hash!), but sometimes after a dinner party, the last thing you want to do is finish carving and packing up uneaten food. To avoid this, the next time you want to serve chicken or turkey to a small group, game hens may provide a practical solution.

Greek Grilled Shrimp for a small group of unexpected guests
While shrimp is best purchased fresh from a local purveyor, it is often sold frozen, which makes it a convenient protein to keep on hand, especially when purchased at a discount and stored for later use. Plan on 1/4-1/3 pound per person and scale as needed. The Greek Shrimp rub makes this recipe a favorite on our team.

Cider-Brined Pork Chops for a spin on a traditional favorite
Learn a new method for preparing pork chops by brining them first in apple cider, keeping the pork juicy when grilled. Be sure to brine the pork chops for 6 hours before guests arrive, and leave an hour to cook them before you plan to serve the meal. The method may be simple but the resulting flavor will make this a new go-to for your gatherings!

Caveman T-Bones with Bell Pepper Hash to impress a date
You may not have the extra funds to provide T-Bone steaks to a large group, but for a date, it makes an impressive main course. The caveman method of preparation is an absolute thrill to partake in, and will serve as entertainment for your date.

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