Our Best-Selling Barbecue Tools, Part 2


A few weeks ago, we published a list and description of the best-selling equipment in Steven’s popular Best of Barbecue line. Below are more tools you’ll want in your arsenal.

Best of Barbecue Meat Shears: Sturdy meat shears of drop-forged stainless steel with riveted handles will make quick work of halving or spatchcocking chicken or game birds and give you years of service. Reasonably priced, they lock for easy storage.

Best of Barbecue Kebab Skewers: The problem with conventional skewers, either wood or metal, is that their round shape guarantees your food will spin when you attempt to turn it. Not so with these flat skewers. A full 17 inches long and 3/8 inch wide, they’re modeled on skewers used in the Middle East where they know a thing or two about kebabs. Even wet vegetables, like tomatoes and mushrooms, will stay put.

Extra Long Suede Gloves: For more than a decade, these handsome elbow-length suede gloves have been protecting the hands and forearms of grillers and pit masters from coast to coast. A full 18-inches long, the gloves (they come in a pair) are pliant enough to maintain dexterity. Pair with the skewers above for a gift that will be appreciated for years to come.

Cast Aluminum Charcoal and Ash Scoop: This tool, highly rated on, will help you scoop fresh charcoal out of the bag, keeping your hands clean, or remove spent ashes from the bottom of your firebox. It’s made of cast aluminum and is rust-proof. A must for tailgaters.

Rib RackBest of Barbecue Ultimate Rib Rack: It’s been one of our best-sellers for years. This thoughtfully designed rib rack will dramatically increase the amount of real estate on your grill grate by accommodating four racks of ribs in the space normally occupied by one. Ribs practically baste themselves. And its sturdy metal nonstick surface is easy to clean (hand wash, please).

Best of Barbecue Lumatongs: Tongs with a built-in flashlight? Genius! It’s true: A powerful halogen flashlight is attached to one arm of the tongs to illuminate whatever’s on your grill or smoker—particularly useful during fall and winter’s shorter days. (The flashlight can be easily removed when it’s time to wash the tongs.) Insulated Bakelite handles and a locking mechanism add to the tongs’ appeal.

Ultimate Grill Brush: You’ve seen this brush on Steven’s shows—Project Fire and Project Smoke on American Public Television. A full 30-inches long with both brass and stainless steel bristles for different grill grate surfaces, this brush won’t shed like cheaper models. A built-in scraper enables you to loosen baked-on food. Remember Raichlen’s Rule: Keep it hot; keep it clean; keep it lubricated.

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