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8 Recipes to Grill or Smoke in March


Like the Roman god Janus, March has two faces (especially if you live in the northern part of the US). It’s a transitional month, its countenance alternating between the benign, teasing promise of Spring warmth and the icy fury of Old Man Winter. An old proverb suggests March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. But we’ve seen it reverse itself, too.

In any case, March is a great time to renew your acquaintance with your grill or smoker. (Not that you ever lost touch, of course.) We found recipes in our vast archives that are perfect for this “shoulder” month—recipes that celebrate maple syrup, “March Madness,” and of course, Steven Raichlen’s birthday! As for St. Patrick’s Day (March 17), find our new recipe for sublime Reuben sandwiches—made with American Wagyu corned beef.

Happy Spring!

8 Recipes to Grill or Smoke in March

1. Fire-Eater Chicken Wings

The Super Bowl is behind us, but there’s plenty of NCAA mens’ collegiate basketball ahead with the always popular “March Madness.” Invite a few friends over for the start (March 13), the end (April 4), or anytime in-between. These spicy wings—great with your favorite brew—will be the hit of the party.

Fire-Eater Chicken Wings

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2. Maple- and Molasses-Glazed Baby Back Ribs

March is International Maple Month in the U.S. and Canada—the month when the cycle of warmer days and freezing nights turns the starches in Sugar and Red Maples sap into sugar. Many communities from Northeastern Ohio to Maine celebrate by hosting celebrations and opening their sugar houses to the public. Our buy from one of our favorite sources, Runamok. You’ll love these maple- and molasses-glazed baby back ribs.

Maple- and Molasses-Glazed Baby Back Ribs

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3. Reverse-Seared Porterhouse Steaks with Poblano Crema

One of our favorite cuts of meat, a Porterhouse, marries a beefy New York strip to a tender filet mignon—enough meat to serve at least two people—with a gnaw-worthy T-shaped bone dividing the two. (The only difference between a Porterhouse and a T-bone is size.) The creamy sauce, made with cilantro and fire-roasted poblanos, is addictive. Great with a shot of mezcal or tequila, a meal to celebrate the Spring Equinox on March 20.

Reverse-Seared Porterhouse Steaks with Poblano Crema

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4. Grilled Tuna Tacos

You don’t need to wait for a Tuesday (or Lent) to make these fine fish tacos. While we love tuna, other firm fish steaks or fillets will work, too—halibut, swordfish, etc. Please don’t skip the fresh sauces (Cilantro Lime Sauce and Pico de Gallo), either. These tacos will become a family favorite.

Recipes for March

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5. Grilled Pizza

Here, Steven shares his technique for making perfect pizza on your grill—maybe the closest thing you have to a pizza oven—as well as flavor combinations like Spinach and Artichoke White Pizza and Barbecued Chicken Pizza. Once you master his method, you can make up your own inspired combinations.

Grilled Pizza

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6. Cajun Hobo Packs

Admit it: It’s fun to open your own foil packet of food, especially when it contains savory ingredients like andouille or kielbasa, peppers, cherry tomatoes, fresh herbs, etc. Great for a busy weeknight as the packets can be assembled ahead of time and refrigerated until you’re ready to cook. They only take 8 to 10 minutes on the grill. Might be just the thing when we “lose” an hour on March 14.

Cajun Hobo Packs

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7. Buffaque Broccoli with Blue Cheese Drizzle

We made a platter of these for Super Bowl: What a hit! Be sure to peel the tough outer layer of the broccoli stems with a paring knife or vegetable peeler before grilling. Terrific as an appetizer or a side dish.

Buffaque Broccoli with Blue Cheese Drizzle

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8. Smoked Cheesecake with Burnt Sugar Cream Sauce

Steven is celebrating his birthday on Friday, March 11. We remember well the big party the crew threw for him when filming the second season of Project Fire. The smoke gives the cheesecake a haunting flavor—familiar yet exotic. This may just be the most interesting cheesecake you’ll ever set fork to.

Smoked Cheesecake with Burnt Sugar Cream Sauce

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