Give an Unforgettable Experience of Wagyu Strip Steak

Wagyu Strip Steak from Holy Grail

What gift do you buy the foodie in your life? There are so many options. Is it the newest kitchen gadget? A gift pack of spice rubs? Or do you splurge and buy them a grill or a new knife? (Yes, some knives can cost as much as a grill.) Still undecided? I’ve got a gift idea that is perfect. Send the foodie (or foodies) in your life an A5 Ogata Farms Wagyu Beef Strip Steak from the Holy Grail Steak Company.

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Kitchen gear, spices, grills, and knives are all great gifts. But by giving someone the A5 Ogata Farms Wagyu Beef Strip Steak from the Holy Grail Steak Company, you are letting them know they are truly special.

Ogata Farms Wagyu Beef Strip Steak

Maezawa beef from Ogata Farms is considered some of the highest quality beef from Japan, where it is considered a delicacy. The strip steak comes from the top of the short loin located behind the ribs. The longissimus muscle (strip steak) doesn’t do much work, so it is a tender steak. Its tenderness makes it a popular cut. There is a rim of fat on the strip steak, and it has generous intramuscular marbling. The well-distributed fat in the A5 Wagyu Strip steak from Ogata farms was next level.

Holy Grail Wagyu Strip Steak

You’ve all heard Steven Raichlen say, “Where your food comes from is just as important as how you cook it.” That is true with the Ogata Wagyu strip steak. The cattle at the Ogata farm live in a “stress-free” environment and are fed a special diet to ensure the best flavor. No hormones are ever used on these cattle.

During my research for the best way to cook an A5 Wagyu strip steak, I discovered it should be cooked in a cast iron pan or on a plancha, not directly over a live fire. I was initially surprised, but once I saw the fat render from the strip steak, it all made sense.

I also learned that the final internal temperature (doneness) for a Wagyu steak is different for Japanese vs American Wagyu steaks. Japanese A5 Wagyu is typically cooked to 135 degrees, but American Wagyu is only cooked to 125 degrees.

I usually season steak simply with kosher salt and cracked black pepper. But Japanese Wagyu is seasoned with just salt. I added freshly cracked black pepper out of habit.

Wagyu Strip Steak from Holy Grail

Cooking the Strip Steak

This was not my first rodeo with the A5 Ogata Wagyu strip steak, so I decided to experiment with the cooking method. In the past, I cooked the A5 Wagyu strip steak on a plancha on my gas grill. I felt the gas grill would be the best way to control the temperature of the cook. This time I planned to cook the steak in a cast iron pan over a wood fire. I wondered if cooking over the wood fire might add a smoky aroma to the steak.

Getting the Grill ready

I lit a bag of wood chunks in a chimney starter to create a wood-fueled fire in my kettle grill. The cast iron pan was placed over the fire to preheat. Once the cast iron pan was hot, I added the steak to the pan.

Wagyu Strip Steak on the Grill

The strip then cooked on one side for two and half minutes. I flipped it over and cooked another two and half minutes to reach an internal temperature of 130 degrees. I knew the temperature would continue to rise as the steak rested. Butter, herbs, and garlic are often used to baste a steak cooking in a cast iron pan. None of the was necessary with this steak.

strip steak in the cast iron pan

I let the steak rest and sliced it into half-inch slices. The steak was so tender it could have been sliced with a spoon. Based on all the steaks I have tested from Holy Grail Steak, I knew eating the Ogata A5 wagyu strip steak would be an experience that should be shared. I invited my mother to join my wife and me for the event. The anticipation of eating the strip steak made it feel like a special occasion.

The Final Result

It was finally time to sit down and eat. Initially, there was silence as everyone had their first bite. Then my mother said, “This is wonderful and delicious!” And my wife responded with, “This steak is so tender.”

The high heat of the cast iron pan created a crusty exterior on the strip steak. I think the large grind of salt and pepper added texture and balanced the lusciousness inside. I also think the black pepper cut some of the richness of the steak. Each bite was succulent and felt like it would just melt in your mouth. The marbling was visible in every slice of the strip steak. There was an subtle sweetness to the strip steak. The wood fire added a subtle hint of smoke.

The Final Result

I hope my experience with the A5 Ogata Farms Wagyu beef steak motivates you to buy one for yourself or someone special. You might even get invited to dinner. An Ogata Farms A5 Wagyu beef strip steak is an experience that should be shared with family and friends, especially during the holidays.


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