Planet Barbecue® Pastrami Bacon Hits The Big Time

Pastrami Bacon

Candy is dandy and liquor is quicker, but bacon makes everything better. Just ask Steven Raichlen.

And the only thing that could make bacon even better is… pastrami.

That’s right. Imagine the rich smoky sizzle of bacon paired with garlicky peppery tang of pastrami.

Well, take your imagination no further than our Planet Barbecue® pastrami bacon.

Based on the recipes in Steven’s Project Smoke and on his Project Smoke TV show, our Planet Barbecue® Pastrami Bacon combines the best of these two iconic cured meats.

And the best news of all—Planet Barbecue® Pastrami Bacon is now available at Market Street grocery stores in Dallas and the Albertson’s, Vons, and Pavillion supermarket chains in California.

Pastrami Bacon - In stores

Or if you live in Colorado, look for our pastrami bacon at the Little Nell Hotel in Aspen, The Garden of the Gods, and Cliff House in Colorado Springs.

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Otherwise, you can order it online from Crowd Cow.

OK, maybe we’re tooting our own horn a little, but Planet Barbecue® is a startup, and we’re really excited by our first supermarket and restaurant deals!

So what should you do with our Planet Barbecue® pastrami bacon? Fry it for breakfast.

Fried Egg and Pastrami Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

Fried Egg and Pastrami Bacon Breakfast Sandwich

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Use it to make an out-of-this-world BLT.

Pastrami Bacon BLT

Planet Barbecue Pastrami Bacon

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And you haven’t fully experienced the reuben sandwich until you’ve made it with pastrami bacon!

Pastrami Bacon Reuben

Planet Barbecue Pastrami Bacon

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Steven thanks you for checking it out.

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