A Campfire Pot Roast with the Petromax Dutch Oven

Pot Roast

In my previous blog, “Celebrate Oktoberfest In Style: Introducing an Incredible (and Portable) German Grill,” I introduced Planet Barbecue to the Petromax Atago multifunctional grill, and in “Bacon Burger Bliss: Cooking Petromax’s Griddle and Fire Bowl,” I featured their Griddle and Fire Bowl. Two cool grills to bring on your next camping or outdoor adventure.

Petromax is a German company known for self-sufficient adventures in nature. Since 1910, Petromax has been passionate about bringing quality items for outdoor living, outdoor cooking, bushcraft, and lighting to the world. The Petromax product range combines tradition with innovation in a unique way and is characterized by the highest possible level of quality, durability, and well-thought-out details.

In addition to the versatile Atago grill and the Griddle and Fire Bowl, Petromax sent me one of their Dutch oven tables and a Dutch oven. The Dutch oven table allows you to comfortably cook outdoors without hurting your back, at the same height as your stove top. The four legs are sturdy and support up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds). The legs can be removed, and the table can be placed on any heat resistant surface. The large table is large enough to accommodate three Dutch ovens depending on their size.

Petromax Dutch Oven table and Dutch Oven

The tall windbreak quickly attaches to the table and helps to conserve charcoal and heat when cooking outdoors. The practical hangers located on the front and side allow you to keep tongs, a dish towel, and grill gloves within reach. Clean up the spent charcoal and ashes easily by sweeping them through the gap in the front of the table.

I received the FT12 Dutch oven. Petromax’s Dutch oven is perfect for cooking and baking in outdoors or in the home. Cast-iron is known for its ability to retain heat, but Petromax has added a few refined details. Their Dutch ovens come pre-seasoned and be used right away. They can be used in an open fire or with charcoal or briquettes. The raised lid allows the Dutch oven to hold embers or coals on top to create even heat on all sides which is ideal for baking bread.

It is easy and safe to move the Dutch oven due to the sturdy handle. The legs provide stability. There is even a thermometer hole which allows you to check temperatures without removing the lid and letting the heat out. The lid lifter makes it easy to lift the hot lid. The top can be flipped over and used as a pan.

Petromax’s Dutch oven is perfect for soups, meat dishes, stews, casseroles, breads, and even cakes. Soups, stews, and casseroles are great comfort foods for a cool fall day in New England. Here is a classic comfort food, pot roast. I felt that cooking outside on the Dutch oven table would be fun way to make pot roast.

Campfire Pot Roast

I started by lighting a chimney starter full of briquettes. While the briquettes heated up I prepared all my ingredients. I seasoned the chuck roast with kosher salt and freshly cracked black pepper. I quartered 2 onions and peeled my carrots and washed my potatoes. I also prepared a bundle of herbs that contained fresh thyme and rosemary. I also had a cup of red wine to deglaze the pot as well as beef stock.

Once the briquettes were gray and hot, I poured them out on the Dutch oven table. I created a layer of briquettes and placed the Dutch oven on top. I added some oil and butter to the Dutch oven. Once the oil and butter started to sizzle, I started to brown the chuck roast on all sides. I removed the chuck roast and started to cook the onions. Next, I deglazed the pan with red wine. Once the wine started to reduce, I placed the chuck roast back in the Dutch oven, added the carrots and potatoes, herb bundle, and beef stock. I placed the lid on the Dutch oven and placed more briquettes on top.

The pot roast cooked for just over three hours. I removed the chuck roast, onions, potatoes, and carrots. I then let the liquid reduce for about 15 minutes. I served the chuck roast with the veggies and broth. The pot roast was juicy and had a great beef flavor. The potatoes and carrots were tender. The onions added a boost of flavor and texture to the dish. The broth was delicious and reducing it at the end concentrated its flavor.

Pot Roast



Once again Petromax has got you covered for your next camping or outdoor adventure with their Dutch oven table. Their Dutch oven is rugged enough for the outdoors and stylish to use in your kitchen.

Campfire Pot Roast Recipe

Campfire Pot Roast

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