Steven Raichlen's Barbecue! Bible


Salsa Borracha (Drunken Salsa)

This is one of Mexico’s most unusual salsas. Bitter and piquant, it’s not the sort you’d serve with chips, but barbacoa (pit-roasted lamb or goat) just wouldn’t taste right without […]

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Pico de Gallo

Photo by jeffreyw This simple salsa is a constant on Mexico’s culinary landscape. The name changes from region to region (pico de gallo in the north; salsa mexicana in the […]

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“Shepherd’s Tacos” (Tacos al Pastor)

I’m going to assume you don’t own a vertical rotisserie, so my method relies on direct grilling.

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Steaks from Hell

This recipe literally is steaks from hell. It comes from an unassuming steak house in Juarez, Mexico, called Mitla, and mitla is the Nahuatl Indian word for hell.

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Green Chile Chicken Under Bricks

Mexicans keep chicken breasts moist by grilling them under stones. Here’s a New Mexican version, redolent with garlic, cilantro, and lime.

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Salsa on the Coals

This salsa looks cool as all get-out as you prepare it (your guests will be amazed to see tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños burning away on the embers) and the resulting […]

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