Primal Grill

Episode 311: Europe’s Grill

Buccaneer Chicken

When it comes to European grilling, Italy and Greece grab the headlines. Here’s a look of some of Europe’s lesser-known grilling traditions. From Belgium, its briny oysters grilled with an uncommon (and uncommonly delectable) combo of ginger, soy sauce, and fruit jam. Serbia gives us boned chicken thighs, stuffed and grilled with bacon, ham, and cheese. And from Germany comes the best barbecue you’ve never heard of’spiessbraten-butterflied pork shoulder stuffed with onions and garlic and spit-roasted over beech wood. Finally, straight from a wood-burning beehive oven, experience a mixed vegetable grill with Brussels sprouts. You saw it here first on Primal Grill.

German Spiessbraten
Icicles Radish Salad
Belgian Oysters
Serbian Grilled Chicken Bundles
Vegetable Mixed Grill