Season 3

Primal Grill with Steven Raichlen is designed to help you take your grilling to the next level! Check out innovative recipes for grilled treats from coffee-crusted chicken to ginger mint lobster roast. Plus, watch as Steven Raichlen tests sizzling new grills from infrared rotisseries and ceramic kamado cookers to wood-burning grills and industrial-strength smokers.

Credited with reinventing American Barbecue, Raichlen's signature easy-to-follow teaching style both entertains and educates viewers. From basic charcoal grills to today's extravagant outdoor kitchens, plus all the sauces, rubs and accessories you can imagine, Raichlen covers all the bases necessary to build viewer loyalty, confidence and talent at the grill.


Episode 312: Fired Up, Down Under

Ozzies (Australians) and Kiwis (New Zealanders) may live half a world away, but they’re every bit as grilling-obsessed as we …

Buccaneer Chicken

Episode 311: Europe’s Grill

When it comes to European grilling, Italy and Greece grab the headlines. Here’s a look of some of Europe’s lesser-known …


Episode 310: Out Of Africa

Africa. Where mankind, grilling, and civilization began. Today, we take you to this mysterious, multi-cultural continent, where complex flavors and …

Carne Asada

Episode 309: Spanish Smoke

Long before Spanish culinary mad scientist Ferran Adri stunned the world with his foams, infusions, and molecular cuisine, grill masters …

Grilled Pita Tofu

Episode 308: Heat Without Meat

Whether you’re a vegetarian, feeding someone who doesn’t eat meat, or simply crave meatless grilling from time to time, this …

Sicilian Grilled Swordfish with Salsa Verde

Episode 307: Asia’s Crossroads

Some of the worlds biggest flavors come hot off some of the worlds smallest grills. Proof positive? Sizzling beef sates-cut …

Salmon Plank

Episode 306: Bombay Blast

More than 5000 years ago, a potter in Central Asia made a tall, urn-shaped, incredibly efficient clay barbecue pit-the origin …

Texas Shoulder Clod (Barbecued Beef Shoulder)

Episode 305: Burn In The USA

The whole world grills, and a few countries smoke. But only one place on Planet Barbecue has highly evolved traditions …

Grilled Pizza

Episode 304: Italian Fire

Since Roman times, the Italian focus-hearth-has made monumental contributions to the world of live fire cooking. A new addition to …

Big Bad Beef Ribs

Episode 303: Gaucho Grill

Gaucho describes the cowboys of northern Argentina and southern Brazil. These rustic cattle herders developed a simple yet powerful style …

Caveman T-Bones with Bell Pepper Hash

Episode 301: Primal Grill

Think back. Way back. To that momentous occasion more than a million years ago, when our prehistoric ancestors learned how …