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Season 1

Steven Raichlen's Planet Barbecue® is a new PBS TV series that explores the world of live-fire cooking. The show travels to different countries and cultures to learn about their unique grilling traditions. Viewers will learn about the different types of grills used around the world, the different cuts of meat that are grilled, and the different sauces and spices that are used to flavor the grilled food. Planet Barbecue is a celebration of the diversity of cultures and the universality of the love of grilled food.

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Episode 102: East Meets West

From caravans on ancient spice routes to navigations of Columbus and Magellan to transoceanic flights of modern airlines, the meeting …

Episode 101: Argentine Fire

Argentina. The very name summons visions of rustic gaucho asados and sophisticated grill restaurants. In this show, you’ll learn to …

Planet Barbecue Promotional Video

Ever since he wrote the international blockbuster, The Barbecue Bible, Steven Raichlen has been fascinated (make that obsessed) by global …