Primal Grill

Episode 209: On The Rotisserie

Battle of the Rotisserie Chicken

Many of the worlds great grill cultures cook their best barbecue on the rotisserie. Consider Brazil’s rodizio, Greek souvlaki and gyro, and Morocco’s majestic mechoui. To judge from your many e-mails, spit-roasting is a live fire cooking method our viewers would like to know more about. In this show, you’ll learn how to grill a sausage – and cheese-stuffed rib roast, how to grill a Greek-style whole hog over a wood fire, and how to make Moroccan-style lamb ribscooked to a turn on a gas-fired rotisserie.

Oregano Bread
» Brazilian Style Rib Roast Stuffed With Sausage And Cheese
Greek Style Whole Hog With Greek Isle Herbs
» Harissa
» Mechoui Of Lamb Ribs With Harissa