Primal Grill

Episode 210: In A Pickle

Pork Loin

Barbecue neophytes and brining are a little like teenagers and sex: the minute they learn how to do it, nothing else seems to matter. Brining may seem like a relatively modern technique, but its centuries, if not millennia, old. In fact, that’s the origin of the English word picklepockel was the Old English word for brine. Brining has the dual advantages of keeping intrinsically dry foods, like pork chops and chicken breasts, moist on the grill, and it also adds an extra layer of flavor. In this show you’ll learn all about brining and marinating, including a wine-brined butterflied leg of lamb, bourbon-brined pork chops, and a brine you actually inject into a turkey with a hypodermic needle.

Volcanic Applesauce
» Asian Pear Dipping Sauce
Butterflied Leg Of Lamb, Korean Style
Bourbon-Brined Pork Chops
» Injector Sauce
» Cajun Rub
Cajun-Style Smoked Turkey