Primal Grill

Episode 301: Primal Grill

Caveman T-Bones with Bell Pepper Hash

Think back. Way back. To that momentous occasion more than a million years ago, when our prehistoric ancestors learned how to master fire and cook. This show focuses on some of the world’s most primal grilling. Mussels grilled on a bed of flaming pine needles, as they do on the west coast of France. Salmon roasted on redwood sticks in front of an open fire in the style of the Yurok Indians of Northern California. T-bone steaks grilled directly on the embers, and fire-grilled Garlic Bread. Awaken your inner caveman. It’s primal grilling on Primal Grill.

Mussels On Pine Needles
Salmon On A Stick
Fire-Grilled Garlic Bread
» Caveman T-Bones With Garlic And Peppers