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Primal Grill

Episode 201: On The Bone

When it comes to flavor, you cant beat meat that’s still attached to the bone. This simple truth is appreciated by anyone who has ever barbecued a rack of ribs, grilled a long-bone veal chop, or roasted a whole leg of lamb. Grilling and, more importantly, serving meat on the bone, transports us to a time back before the invention of knives and forks when barbecue buffs ate with their hands, chewing the fire-roasted meat right off the bone. Discover your inner caveman.

Marinated Veal Chops With Catalan Viniagrette
Catalan Viniagrette
» Herbs De Provence
» Kalbi Kui, Butterflied Korean Short Ribs
Smoke-Roasted Leg Of Lamb Provencale
Korean Cucumber Salad