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Hot Pepper Dog

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Hot Pepper Dog


  • American Wagyu Beef Frankfurters
  • Hot dog buns
  • 2 jalapeno peppers
  • 2 yellow hot peppers
  • Pepper Jack cheese, sliced
  • Sriracha sauce

Recipe Steps

1: Grill the jalapeno peppers and yellow hot peppers until they are charred and tender. Remove the seeds and slice them into thin strips.

2: Butterfly each Wagyu Beef Frankfurter by making a lengthwise cut down the center, leaving the ends intact.

3: Grill the butterflied frankfurters until they are cooked through and have a nice char.

4: While the frankfurters are still hot, stuff them with the grilled jalapeno and yellow hot pepper strips.

5: Place each stuffed hot dog in a hot dog bun.

6: Top each hot dog with slices of pepper jack cheese.

7: Drizzle sriracha sauce over the cheese and the peppers.

8: Serve immediately for a fiery and flavorful hot dog experience!