Episode 303: Best Ribs Ever

Korean Grilled Beef Ribs

Korean Short Ribs

Serves 4.

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Korean Grilled Beef Ribs


  • 3 pounds meaty beef short ribs (cut crosswise into 2-inch lengths)

For the marinade:

  • 1 kiwi fruit, peeled and diced
  • 3 cloves garlic, peeled and minced
  • 1 tablespoon peeled minced fresh ginger
  • 2 scallions, trimmed, white parts minced, green parts thinly sliced on the diagonal for serving
  • 1/3 cup brown sugar (white sugar or honey are OK, too)
  • 1 teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 1/2 cup soy sauce
  • 1/2 cup rice wine or sake
  • 1/3 cup Asian (dark) sesame oil, plus 2 tablespoons for basting
  • 3 tablespoons gochujang (optional)

  • 2 tablespoons toasted sesame seeds, for serving

For grilling and serving:

  • 8 cloves garlic, skewered on toothpicks
  • 1 bunch scallions, trimmed
  • 2 kiwi fruits, cut in half
  • 1 cup kimchi, thinly sliced

  • 1 head Boston lettuce, separated into leaves and washed

Recipe Steps

1: Butterfly and score the short ribs and arrange in a single layer in a nonreactive baking dish.

2: Make the marinade: Place the ingredients in a blender and puree. Pour the marinade over the ribs, turning to coat both sides. Marinate in the refrigerator for 4 hours.

3: Set up your grill or hibachi for direct grilling and preheat to high. Brush and oil the grill grate.

4: Arrange the beef ribs (the meat spread out) on the grate and grill until sizzling and browned on both sides, 2 to 4 minutes per side. Sprinkle the beef with the sesame seeds. Grill the garlic, scallions, and kiwi fruit halves as well.

5: To serve, cut the grilled meat into bite-size pieces with scissors. Cut the garlic cloves in half and cut the scallion into 1-inch pieces. Place pieces of beef, grilled garlic, scallion, kimchi, and kiwi fruit on the lettuce leaf. Roll it up and pop it into your mouth.

Recipe Tips

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