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Teriyaki BBQ Wagyu Smashburger

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Teriyaki BBQ Wagyu Smashburger


  • Wagyu beef patties
  • French shallots, thinly sliced
  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Bok choy leaves
  • Sautéed shiitake mushrooms
  • Brioche buns

Recipe Steps

1: Preheat a plancha or flat griddle over medium-high heat.

2: Lightly sauté the thinly sliced French shallots on the plancha until softened and slightly caramelized.

3: Remove them from the heat and arrange them into burger-sized formations.

4: Place the Wagyu beef patties directly on top of the shallot beds on the plancha.

5: Drizzle Teriyaki sauce on the patties, ensuring they are coated evenly.

6: Cook the patties for a few minutes until they develop a crust.

7: Use a cast iron burger press to smash the patties down firmly onto the plancha, ensuring good contact for a crispy crust. Mind the fire!

8: Flip the patties and cook the other side.

9: While the patties are cooking, sauté the bok choy leaves and sliced shiitake mushrooms on the plancha. Set them aside.

10: Toast the brioche buns directly on the plancha in the leftover Wagyu juices.

11: Assemble the burgers by placing the patty on the bottom bun.

12: Add a layer of bok choy leaves on top of the patty.

13: Top with sautéed shiitake mushrooms.

14: Drizzle a little bit of the Teriyaki sauce.

15: Close the burger with the top brioche bun and serve immediately. Enjoy the delicious fusion of Japanese flavors with the exquisite taste of Wagyu beef!