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Fire-Roasted Bloody Maria

Fire-Roasted Bloody Maria

A homemade mix for Bloody Marys (or Bloody Marias) inspired by Portland bartender Jeffrey Morgenthaler’s recipe and Steven’s Steaks from Hell salsa recipe. I’ve taken Steven’s mantra to heart: “grilling makes everything taste better” – and for years, I’ve stepped his recipe up one bit further by fire-roasting the tomatoes, onions, and garlic directly on raging-hot lump hardwood charcoal with a whiff of mesquite and pecan wood.

The resulting salsa is now a standard summer recipe in our family. So naturally, a homemade Bloody Mix using the same technique had to be tried… turns out, it’s wonderful as a Bloody Mary (with vodka) or a Red Snapper (with gin)… but seriously out of this world as a Bloody Maria (with tequila). ¡Que Sabor!


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Fire-Roasted Bloody Maria


Recipe Steps

1: Add all ingredients to an ice-filled Collins glass and stir until well chilled and blended. Garnish with a lemon wedge, fresh cherry tomato, and celery stalk.